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Final Edition – 1998 Ducati Supersport 900FE

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To mark the end of its badass Supersport line, Ducati released a one-year run of 800 bikes around the world. They called it the Final Edition, painted it silver, and threw on a couple of goodies like 41mm FCR carbs and Ohlins rear shock. 300 of the 800 examples made it over the US – here’s number 15.

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Homemade Wall of Death!

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Normally I feature bikes for sale, but today I get to feature something you can ride your bike in – if you have the guts. Also known as a silodrome, the ‘wall of death’ was a famous carnival sideshow where riders would circle the interior of a cylinder, pressed against the edge thanks to friction and gravity. The seller says …

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Meet A Reader – John Foster

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John Foster is a man who knows what he wants – and what he wants are vintage motocross bikes. A member of the Low-T-Race Team, John currently maintains a fleet of about 65 classic MXers with a passion for 4 specific marques: Husqvarna, Maico, CZ, and OSSA. The best part? When he’s not out getting air, he’s sharing his work …

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Video Intermission – Oops

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In September 2013, Michael Henao decided to ignore a flash flood warning in Colorado, and it resulted in a video worth looking (and laughing at). On one hand, I feel bad for him. On the other hand, what was he thinking? Hindsight is 20/20 so it’s easy for me to say this was foolish, but at least it resulted in …

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1949 Salsbury Imperial Model 85

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Back in 1936, a man named E. Foster Salsbury co-developed the Salsbury Motor Glide, a scooter with an enclosed drivetrain underneath the seat. His later development of the first CVT to be used on a scooter made his product such a success that he even tried to license the design internationally. This design defined the second generation of scooters worldwide, …