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Yvon Duhamel Tribute – 1970 Kawasaki H1R Racer

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Post Listing Update: This H1R was pulled off of eBay because there “was an error in the listing.” Based on the H1, Kawasaki created the H1R for competition in the big dog 500cc class of Grand Prix racing. In 1970, Kawi placed second in the constructors championship, thanks mostly to Ginger Molloy, who came in second over the season. This …

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Racer Project – 1976 BMW R100

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This bike started as a BMW R100 “upgraded with RS componentns” before it was torn apart with the plan of rebuilding it as a race bike. There’s a lot to like about this project – it has new Kibblewhite heads, an oil cooler, Race Tech springs, and more. But the coolest modification is a monoshock conversion with a BMW S1000RR …

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1 of 371 – 1983 Triumph TSX

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Triumph went bankrupt in August of 1983, and right before they collapsed they tried a couple of Hail Marys to keep sales going. One of the attempts was the TSX – a T140 that had been restyled by their American division. 371 examples were built before the company went under, and 200 of those made it to the US. This …

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Lightning Motor – 1949 Vincent Rapide

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Here’s a lovely pairing of a Rapide frame with a Black Shadow motor that’s been, as the seller puts it, “lightningized”. THe current owner acquired the bike in 1998 (from an owner that had it for 3 decades). After a bit of restoration and maintenance, it’s now ready for someone who wants to experience the joy of Vincent ownership at …

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1967 Yamaha Big Bear 305 Scrambler

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Yamaha named this motorcycle after the Big Bear race, though they never actually won it themselves. That didn’t stop them from slapping the alliterative name onto a range of scramblers displacing 125, 250c, and 350ccs. I don’t have any personal experience with the Big Bear, so I’ll leave you with this critical quote from Matt Cuddy of Superhunky, who said …

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Ending Soon – 1956 FB Mondial 175 F2 Bialbero

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4-26-17 Update: I’m not entirely sure what’s happening here, but after this bike was listed at $50,000 with no interest, the seller is now relisting it with an asking price of…$1 million. I’m confused. What’s the point of a listing like this? I try not to comment on the value of bikes I feature too much, but this obviously isn’t …

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No Reserve – 1975 BMW R90S

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The R90S is one of the most notable motorcycles in BMW history – though the last time I featured one I got plenty of comments from Bike-urious readers saying it’s highly overrated. Not that it’s bad, just that it’s a fine bike that gets blown out of proportion. I have to admit, I haven’t ridden one (though I’ll get my …

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1994 MZ Silver Star Classic

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If you’re looking for something simple that’s still rare, the MZ Silver Star might be right up your alley. Hopefully you’re the kind of person that can constantly put up with being asked what kind of bike you’re riding any time you stop! This example stands out as it’s the only one I’ve seen for years with hard bags for …