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The Flying Brick – 1988 BMW K75S

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At the end of the 70s, with the domination of 4-cylinder Japanese bikes, BMW had to find a way to attract new customers and renew itself. To that extent, the usual flat-twin has been put aside in order to create and develop a new heart for their motorcycles. The idea of creating a flat-four was quickly forgotten as Honda already …

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2004 Kawasaki ZRX1200R

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There has been a recent resurgence of “modern classic” motorcycles: new bikes designed specifically to resemble their elders. For some people however, they just don’t make them like they used to. The Kawasaki ZRX1200R may look like it’s from a time before upside down forks and fuel injection existed, but it is still 1,200ccs of carbureted fury. It was the …

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What Do You Want To Know? 2019 SSR Buccaneer Cafe and Classic

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This week I’ll be trying out the current lineup from Benelli motorcycles – if you read that post you’ll know that Benelli’s US importer is SSR Motorsports, and they’ve got their own bikes to sell you. Next week I’ll get a taste of their Buccaneer Cafe and Buccaneer Classic, two 250cc v-twin powered machines that SSR calls “authentic back to …

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Ketchup/Mustard – 1990 BMW K1

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In the 1970s, Japanese manufacturers became the leaders in nearly every category of the motorcycle market. Ignoring Japan, one company was still offering motorcycles that seduced customers, and more importantly, was able to innovate and do better than Japanese. Yes, it was BMW. The German brand notably shook the market at the beginning of the 80s when the G/S series …

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2010 BMW G450X

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In the motorcycling world, it is not often that a manufacturer releases a model that flies under the radar. I must admit, I was unaware that this wonderful piece of German engineering existed. BMW wanted to send dirt flying in the endurance off road racing field, and was nice enough to fit headlights and blinkers to their product, making it …

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1 of 50 – 1998 Magni Australia 98

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Arturo Magni started working with Moto Guzzi in 1985, and the first project was the “Parallelogrammo” (what a name) swingarm created to counter the shaft jacking that was common with older driveshaft designs. In 1990, Magni customized a Daytona road racer that was campaigned by Ted Stolarski, Moto Guzzi’s Australian importer for 3 decades. In the early 90s, Magni named …

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Swanky In Sweden – Ducati 900S2-Based NCR Replica

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Founded in 1967, NCR was responsible for preparing Ducati’s competition machines for several decades, transforming stock Ducks into top-of-the-line racers. One of NCR’s most legendary works is undoubtedly the Ducati 900NCR that Mike Hailwood famously piloted to victory at the ’78 TT. Hailwood’s TT-winning machine not only prompted Ducati to release the wildly successful Mike Hailwood Replicas (aka “MHR”), but …

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1982 Yamaha IT175

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Back in the 1980’s, there was a simple recipe for power: put oil in the gas and spin it fast. MotoGP bikes of the era subscribed to this formula, and it trickled down even to off-roaders. The Yamaha IT175 subscribed to this formula. It was based on Yamaha’s YZ125 motocross bike, but with more displacement and factory head and taillights, …