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1978 Yamaha SR500

In Japan, Less than 5k, Standard by Abhi0 Comments

Here’s a nice example of Yamaha’s classic SR500. It spent years in a collection and the seller bought it hopes that he could replicate a SR500 from his youth. After he cleaned it up, he decided it was too nice to modify, so now it’s your chance to pick up a well-preserved, original bike.

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Coming Soon – 2017 Moto Guzzi MGX-21 Flying Fortress

In Cruiser, Italy by Tom0 Comments

Just when you think you might have seen everything comes this. Now available to pre order is a unique Guzzi bagger. It’s interesting, to say the very least. Details, and even photographs are a little hard to come by. We know that it is powered by the 1400cc twin that is currently lodged in the ‘California’. It is listed as …

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Guess That Bike Revealed – Prototype Edition

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Congrats to jhelle, who quickly identified that this was the cockpit of the BMW Futuro prototype! Introduced in 1980, the Futuro utilized a turbocharged version of BMW’s iconic boxer twin, wrapped in some outlandish bodywork. It was built via a partnership with Rainer Buchmann, the automobile customizer. Among other things, it featured the first carbon fiber/kevlar full fairing in motorcycling.

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Video Intermission – The UNKNOWN Ride

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UNKNOWN Industries is a group of 5 riders comprised of Nick Leonetti, Buddy Suttle, Kade Gates, Logan Lackey, and Jeff Palkiewicz, and they do some crazy riding with Harleys. For years they’ve been putting on stunt shows at varying events, but recently they released a video of some impressive riding in Oakland:

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Baby Dream – 1964 Honda CA95 Benly

In Japan, Small Displacement, Touring by Joe0 Comments

Honda Motor Company’s first large-displacement (a relative term) motorcycles carried the Dream name, and were produced up to 305cc during the 1960s. The Dream 150 was available in the U.S market from 1960-66 and is more correctly referred to the CA95 Benly Touring or colloquially as the “Baby Dream,” a reference to its larger siblings of the time, the 250cc …

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1974 Honda CL360 KO

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It wasn’t much of a sales success, but Honda’s CL360 got a sixth gear in the transmission, an engine tuned for more torque, and a 30cc bump in displacement as part of an evolution from the CL350. The scrambler brother of the CB, this bike also got the high pipes, different rear fender, and braced handlebars. This example stands out …

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2008 Kawasaki Concours C14 with GX Sidecar

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Did Leno’s recent sidecar video inspire you to try out three wheels…but you’d rather stay on the street instead of the track? This Kawasaki Concours is probably as fast as you can get in the world of three wheeled street bikes if you want to get yourself and some extra passengers or cargo somewhere quickly!