Talan Skeels Piggins

Video Intermission – The Little Person Inside

Here’s a touching video – it’s the story of Talan Skeels Piggins, a motorcycle racer who is paralyzed from the chest down. As you might expect, the modifications made to the bike so that he can ride are very interesting, and he seems like the kind of guy you’d love to have a beer with while sharing some stories:

This video intermission brought to you by John K!

Ducati Darmah SSD - Left Side

1980 Ducati Darmah SSD

After the classic 750 GT of the 70s, Ducati looked to evolve with a simpler engine, and they ended up with the first ‘square case’ bevel twin – the 860 GT. It was a commercial flop, so just a few years later, the Ducati 900 SD Darmah was released, and it was a much better sport tourer. The SD (Sport Desmo) brought commercial success, and even resulted in a sportier version called the Ducati Darmah SSD. Continue reading

Norton-Villiers Commando - Left Side

Early Fastback – Norton Commando

The seller calls this bike a ’67, though the only bikes produced that year were pre-production models for show. I’m going to assume that this is actually a ’68, which is still quite early in the Commando run. In fact, it’s early enough that this is probably one of the bikes that suffered from a weak frame and could suffer a headstock failure. Owners typically retrofitted the bracing that Norton went with on bikes from ’69 and on, but it doesn’t seem like the frame has been upgraded on this specific bike for sale.

Norton-Villiers Commando - Tank

As an early bike (in Emerald Green), this features the “Norton-Villiers” badges. The handlebars and front fender aren’t stock, and it seems that the gauge cluster has been replaced. It has spent the last 27 years in dry storage and will need a little love to bring it back on the road, though it has compression and the motor kicks over. Find this Norton-Villiers Commando for sale in Massachusetts with an opening bid of $8,200

CF Moto V3 Vagabond - Right Side

Automatic – 2008 CF Moto V3 Vagabond

Disclaimer: I wouldn’t wish this bike upon any of my readers, I just thought it was interesting as I’ve never heard of it before. It’s called the CF Moto V3 Vagabond, and it’s got a CVT transmission, like the new Honda NM4. The 250cc engine is good for a top speed of about 90 miles per hour, and you can be sure you won’t be seeing many other of these pull up next to you at a stop light.

Find this CF Moto V3 Vagabond (VIN: LCETDNP3786000133) for sale in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada with an opening bid of $2,000

Laverda 750 Carenata - Right Side

1999 Laverda 750 Carenata

10-28 Update: It seems this Laverda has made its way to a dealership that has cleaned the bike up, taken better photos, and now wants a BIN of $6,495 or best offer. Find it

Post-Sale Update: After 24 bids on eBay, this Carenata sold for $3334.99.

Here’s one I never knew about – the Laverda 750 Carenata. The fully faired version of the 750S, this was the result of Laverdas attempt to revitalize the 650S with a new water-cooled engine that produced 85 horsepower. Built to compete with the Ducati 748S, you can pretty much guess how it ended. This example has had two owners and has just 2,614 miles. The seller notes that it has a flat tire, and it pains me that he/she couldn’t get that fixed before offering such a rare bike for sale. Regardless, find this Laverda 750 Carenata for sale in Cullman, Alabama with bidding up to $2,550