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1974 Laverda 750 SFC

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One of the most famous motorcycles to ever come out of Italy, the Laverda SFC was a half-faired beauty built for competition. SFC stood for Super Freni Competizione, or “Super Brakes Competition.” The brakes weren’t the only thing that were super – the engine got bigger valves and 36mm Amal carbs to boost power up to 75 horsepower, which yielded …

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1957 Meguro S3 Junior

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One of Japan’s first motorcycle manufacturers, Meguro’s first bike was a 500cc machine created in 1937. They specialized in four-stroke machines, and the “S” lineup had the S1 – 500cc, S2 – 350cc, and the S3 (also called the Junior) used a 250cc.

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Rare Project – 1964 Tohatsu Runpet Sport 50

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Founded in 1922, the Japanese firm Tohatsu is now best known for their outboard motors. But in the 50s and 60s, they produced some excellent two-stroke bikes and dominated the market – in the 50s, they had 22% of their home market, outselling all other Japanese manufacturers. One of their better known two-wheelers was the Runpet, also known as the …

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1956 Ariel HS500

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A 500cc scrambler, the Ariel HS was a competition version of the Red Hunter. Approximately 1,000 HS’s (which stood for Hunter Scrambler) were built between ’54 and ’58, and they were intended to compete against BSA Catalina Scramblers out on the track.

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2014 BMW HP4

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The limits of the BMW S1000RR aren’t approachable by the grand majority of motorcyclists, but that didn’t stop BMW from going even crazier with the HP4 (High Performance 4-cylinder), which was introduced in 2013.