Ron Haslam's Racer - 1983 Honda Interceptor Factory Superbike - Old Race

AMA Racer – 1983 Honda Interceptor Factory Superbike

Here’s a Honda Interceptor Factory Superbike, built to compete in the 750cc class and of course built around the legendary Honda V-4. Here’s your chance to get a real factory racebike, though the seller’s stories about pedigree will need some verification. He brings up Ron Haslam and Sam McDonald, as they raced similar bikes in AMA, but I’d love YOUR thoughts on how legitimate this bike is. Continue reading

Nimbus Type C - Right Side

1952 Nimbus Type C

This is what I get for trying to write up posts in advance. Unfortunately, this Nimbus has already sold. I’ll do better in the future to avoid featuring “BIN” bikes on a delay. Sorry for the inconvenience.

The Nimbus motorcycle dates back to 1919, the result of a vacuum cleaner manufacturer that decided expansion into bikes was a worthwhile endeavor. They were technologically advanced, with shaft drive, steel frames, and a telescopic front fork (a year before the BMW R12, though the latter was hydraulically damped). The first Nimbus was affectionately known as the Stovepipe…in 1932 the world was treated to the Nimbus Type C. Continue reading

Kawasaki ZRX1100 - Left Side

Z-Rex – 1999 Kawasaki ZRX1100

The Kawasaki ZRX1100 was a great example of a power cruiser – Cycle World called it the best Standard bike of ’99. 11 years later they called it one of their best used bikes thanks to 96 horsepower (good for a 0-60mph sprint in 2.9 seconds), comfortable ergonomics, and 80s Superbike looks. This example is claimed to be in mint condition and is completely stock with just 11,000 miles.

Find this ZRX1100 for sale here on ADVRider in Yonkers, New York for $3,700.

Hard Enduro

Video Intermission – Extreme XL Lagares Hard Enduro in City Streets

Hard Enduro is normally all about taking some of the world’s best enduro riders and motorcycles and pitting them against incredible terrain. That leads to some cool visuals like this “Slo-Mo Suspension Study” from Red Bull Romaniacs.

But a week ago, Red Bull organized a Hard Enduro stage in the city of Porto, Portugal. Long story short, it looks incredible:

One of the first heats the above video takes you through is Ben Hemingway vs. Letty (Andreas Lettenbichler). If you want to see what the route is like, check out this video with commentary from Ben Hemingway’s perspective:

Norton Atlas Cafe Racer - Right Side

1963 Norton Atlas Cafe Racer

10-20 Update: This Atlas Cafe is back up for sale. This time find it on the ‘bay with bidding up to $4,050 (remember that the original asking price was $8k) and the reserve not yet met

Named after the ICBM, the Norton Atlas was released in 1962, earning a so-so reputation before being replaced by the classic Commando. Built to appeal to American aesthetic preferences, it was initially only produced for export. The Atlas produced 55 horsepower, with plenty of torque available low in the rev range. Utilizing Norton’s famous Featherbed frame, the bike weighed about 420 pounds. Want to learn (a lot) more? Check out this wonderful write-up from The Vintagent.

Norton Atlas Cafe Racer - Cockpit

Here’s a custom Norton Atlas that’s been turned into a cafe racer after a complete rebuild. The 750cc engine has been rebuilt, along with ‘just about everything’ else, if you believe the seller! Find this Norton Atlas Cafe Racer for sale in Salem, Oregon for $8,000 here on Craigslist.