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1953 Goggo 200

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Goggo scooters (as well as Goggomobil cars) were built by GLAS, a company founded by Andreas Glas who started by making farm equipment and was inspired to build a scooter when he saw an Italian two-wheeler in Verona, Italy at a machinery exhibition. Approximately 46,000 units were built over a decade of production, with displacement options that included 100cc, 125cc, …

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Nice Price – 2018 Kawasaki Z900RS

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Jeff Pamer: This isn’t the first Z900RS I have shared, and my feelings haven’t changed about them. I would have a hard time arguing that it’s not one of the best retro bikes on the market. This segment is getting quite crowded, and it’s getting tough to pick one out of the lot. This segment, which started as a styling …

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Yetman Framed – Honda 305 Racer

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David Yetman was born in 1938, and he fell in love with motorcycles as a military serviceman stationed in Japan. He specifically appreciated the “high level of performance” that Japanese manufacturers were able to extract from small bikes. Years later, he crashed his Honda CB77 and ruined the frame. He couldn’t afford to replace the frame, but instead of totaling …

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No Reserve – 1979 Kawasaki KZ1000 MkII

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One of the many highlights from my recent ride out to Texas was a stop in New Braunfels to visit Texas Two Strokes. We talked about bikes for a while and he showed me a machine that he brought back to life and was about to offer up on eBay – now it’s live and it’s being listed with no …

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864 Miles – 2001 Kawasaki W650

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Before Triumph brought the Bonneville back in the early 2000s, your best bet for a “Modern Classic” Bonnie actually came from Japan. Kawasaki’s W650 was a retro standard inspired by their W1, itself a copy of the BSA A7. The W650 was only exported to the US for two years, but during that time it was the best option for …