Suzuki TL1000S - Right Side

1997 Suzuki TL1000S

Back in the 70s, the Kawasaki H2 developed the reputation of a ‘widowmaker’ due to its’ incredible power and complete lack of handling. The Suzuki TL1000S also earned such a reputation when it was released in 1997, for slightly different reasons. This bike was introduced with a very unique rotary rear damping system, which seemed to perform just fine in pre-production models. Once bikes were sold in the United Kingdom, however, it became clear that the damping had some serious issues. Tank-slappers became a too-common occurrence, and after several high-profile accidents (and one fatality), Suzuki initiated a worldwide recall to install a steering damper. You might think that this would have killed consumer demand for the bike, but motorcyclists are an odd breed. If anything, the Suzuki TL1000S became an instant cult classic with the mystique of a difficult-to-tame beast. Continue reading

SWM 440GS - Right Side

1983 SWM 440GS

Ever heard of the motorcycle company SWM? Well, I hadn’t, so I thought this would be a good opportunity to introduce you if you were in the same boat as me. Founded in 1971 by two Italians, the company built several off-roaders around engines from Sachs and Rotax (the latter was utilized after 1977). In fact, one of SWM’s bikes (the XN Tornado) eventually became the Armstrong MT500, which became the Harley-Davidson MT500, after the Italian firm went into liquidation.

SWM actually stands for Speedy Working Motors, and while the name might be absurd, that’s exactly what the bikes were in the early 80s. They were very successful in European enduro championships, and a SWM even won the World Trial Championship in ’81. This specific SWM 440GS is a former ISDT race bike that competed in NETRA enduros back when it was new. It was then stored in a dry barn and has recently been brought back to life. It comes with a non-correct OEM seat, brand new Progressive shocks, and some cosmetic scars from battle. Find this SWM 440GS for sale in Naples, Maine with an opening bid of $2,495