1968 Norton Commando Drag Racer

Here’s a nifty Commando 750 that has the top end from a 850 as part of a conversion to a dragster. The current seller has had 5 years with it, when he first acquired it, it was running but it’s unclear how long the bike has gone without being started. As you’d expect, it has lots of upgrades and modifications but the seller does not go into details.

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1975 Ducati 860GT

Sold for just two years, the Ducati 860GT was a relatively angular bike that didn’t end up being as popular as Ducati might have hoped. It ended up evolving into the much-more loved Darmah. The 864cc twin yielded 60 horsepower, and it was capable of hitting 109 miles per hour. The GT was sold just in ’74 and ’75 – the following year it got a rounder fuel tank design, lower handlebars, a different seat, and a name change to the 860 GTS.

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Video Intermission – Lucky Accident

The Snake is a famous section of Mulholland Highway that’s been a mecca for Southern California motorcyclists for years. In the past, I’ve spent some time talking about Paul Herold, the man behind Rock Store Photos, but now I’m going to share the footage from another guy up at Edwards Corner – many of you know him as Rnickeymouse on Youtube. He also goes by Ken, and he captured this crazy accident (among many, many others):

All I’m going to say is, it’s definitely an advertisement of the benefits of being fully covered in gear. It may also be an example of why I try to avoid the Snake on weekends now (after almost being taken out by someone on a Ducati 900SS who pulled almost the same move), but that’s a story for another day.

1994 Yamaha GTS1000

For only one year in the US, Yamaha sold a sport-touring bike that was far ahead of its time – the GTS1000. Full of technology that would not make its way to most bikes for years to come, the GTS featured fuel injection, ABS brakes, and most importantly, the RADD front suspension designed by James Parker. This suspension was able to isolate braking from damping, leading to increased performance in both aspects, as well as more stability. Continue reading 1994 Yamaha GTS1000