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1985 Yamaha BW200

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Built between 1985 and 1989, the BW200 (BW stood for “Big Wheel”) was part of a series of off-roaders with…big wheels. Other displacements were 80 and 350. The motor pushed 15 horsepower and 10 pound-feet of torque through a 5-speed transmission, which is plenty to move a bike that weighs 258 pounds dry.

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Guess That Bike – No Picture Edition

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I recently got an email from Jeff M, a reader in the Bay Area. I met up with him during my last trip to SF and we had a discussion about how no motorcycle manufacturer makes the exact bike he wants. Well, after some careful consideration it turns out there was actually one bike that checked all of his boxes, …

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2018 Jack Daniel’s Limited Edition Indian Scout Bobber

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In 2016, Indian Motorcycle started a partnership with Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey, and that has led to an annual tradition of creating a limited edition based on an existing Indian bike. The first year celebrated the 150th anniversary of Jack Daniels with the Chief and Springfield. 2017 was a Chieftain, and 2018 was the Scout, which was specifically built to …

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2003 MZ Baghira Black Panther

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Normally a manufacturer releases a bike with multiple color options and it’s not a big deal. But when MZ wanted to update their “Street Moto” model called the Baghira with different colors on the plastics, they created separate model names such as the “Forest” for a military green or the “Black Panther” for…well, you can guess.

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1998 Suzuki Katana 750

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With teasers from Suzuki suggesting a new Katana is on the way, presumably to compete with Kawasaki’s modern classic Z900RS, it seemed appropriate to feature this blast from the past. The Suzuki Katana was a friendlier version of the GSXR-750, with a retuned engine and a seat that should actually be comfortable for a passenger. It fits best into the …

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2016 Harley-Davidson V-Rod

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As some of you may have noticed by now, especially if you read my bio here, my tastes lean towards the performance end of the motorcycling spectrum. I have always loved what Harleys stood for, but every time I rode one I couldn’t help but think how much more fun I would have with extra lean angle and RPM. That …

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1970 Honda Z50

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To get pumped for the upcoming launch of the Honda Monkey – I’m trying it out next week so let me know if you have any questions about it – here’s one of the originals that started the magic.

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2007 Suzuki DR650SE

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The recent uprising of supermotos both on the street and the track has driven up the price of dual sports. Even my own search for a traffic axe left me empty handed. However, with some perseverance, you can still find iron workhorses. The Suzuki DR650SE is just that; a workhorse. They can carry you to work, to the gym, to …