Gemini SST 50 - Left Side

1969 Gemini SST 50

Imported for just three years, the Gemini SST 50 was much faster than a Honda Z50 thanks to a licensed design of the Yamaha 50cc rotary engine. Apparently it could even keep up with a CT70 for a while. I know, these are all blistering bikes. The SST was imported from late ’69 to ’72, making this one of the earlier bikes. Despite the licensing arrangement, Gemini got into legal troubles and had to stop production. But those in the know suggest that these are some of the fastest mini bikes ever built – the 50cc engine produced 4.5 horsepower and was capable of hitting 35. Wooooo!

SST Gemini - Logo

Find this little speed demo for sale in Johnston, Rhode Island with a BIN of $4,075 or best offer

Midual Type 1 - Featured

2016 Midual Type 1

I promise you that I’m trying to be better about featuring cheaper motorcycles that normal people can actually snap up, but I still thought this post from BikeEXIF was worth sharing. We live in a world where the average rider can’t utilize even 80% of the performance from a modern supersport like a BMW S1000RR on public roads, yet exotic bike companies keep pushing out bikes that push the performance envelope. Why not a “luxury” sportbike? French engineer Olivier Midy has tried to take that on with the Midual Type, a motorcycle less focused on lap times and more on…giving you instrumentation on the gas tank, I guess. Continue reading

Bultaco Metralla Mk2 Custom - Front Right

1967 Bultaco Metralla Mk2 Custom

This custom Metralla has a non-original engine that’s been modified with a Circle F expansion chamber, twin spark head and Mikuni carb. That along with the bodywork and other modifications means it’s ready for AHRMA racing…or use the total loss lighting system and enjoy this licensed motorcycle on the street. Find this Bultaco Metralla Mk2 Custom (VIN: B-2300886) for sale in Los Angeles, California with bidding up to $2,551 and the reserve not yet met