To The Top of Alaska, Day 18 - Featured

To the Top of Alaska, Day 18

June 21st, 2014 – Liard Hot Springs, BC to Pouce Coupe, BC ~480 miles

Left the lodge the next morning, and was greeted by this sign explaining how screwed you were if you needed gas or mechanical assistance. Nearest gas was 90 miles north or 35 miles south. Good news was we were going south.
Alaska 2014 1005

Encountered a herd of buffalo.
Alaska 2014 1013

Bui waits to see when the best time to split the herd is.
Alaska 2014 1017

Alaska 2014 1024

Alaska 2014 1030

Wiggle wiggle. Certain parts of Canada have bridges with metal grates that are incredibly slick when wet.
Alaska 2014 1031

Beautiful black bear off the side on the road:
Alaska 2014 1046

Which was soon joined by her baby:
Alaska 2014 1063

Further along, we saw a guy who might have been getting a little too close to a black bear. It’s one thing if you’re this close on your bike so you can just take off, but I suspect most people wearing motorcycle gear are losing a foot race to a black bear:
Alaska 2014 1066

Like any group of guys, his friends were waiting at a safer distance. I’m not sure if they were taking pictures of the bear or of their friend in this situation. Like they say, you only have to run faster than the slowest guy in the group, right?
Alaska 2014 1069

Encountered a couple of other gentleman that were (if I remember correctly), riding across Canada:
Alaska 2014 1072

Thought I’d explore a side road that had some sweet construction equipment…quickly found the end of the road:
Alaska 2014 1074

Baby Jack was so saturated with dust that I could backhand a cloud out of him.
Alaska 2014 1075

Alaska 2014 1074a

Starting from Fairbanks, we had traversed the entire length of the Alaska Highway, albeit in the opposite route from how the road was initially laid down:
Alaska 2014 1081

In Dawson Creek, we stopped at the local visitor’s office to find a good campground:
Alaska from Bui 537

They had built the visitor’s center out of a ’30s railroad station that had been refurbished, which included this clock-accuracy-maintenance system:
Alaska 2014 1088

As this was the longest day of the year, Dawson Creek was hosting a “Summer Solstice” run. Apparently it brings out a lot of crazy people, like individuals who keep giant bison heads in the beds of their trucks:
Alaska 2014 1090

Baby Jack gets comfortable on yet another milestone:
Alaska 2014 1096

We camped out in a public park in the tiny town of Pouce Coupe. The guy who runs the campground has a classic Triumph and was very excited about our trip, so he gave us a free chunk of firewood, several gallons of water, and little commemorative pins of the town. Cute. We met two brothers who were about to head to the top of Alaska and so they had plenty of questions for us. The guy on the right has a truly impressive collection of classic British bikes. I didn’t realize that Bui was taking a photo, so I was enjoying my flask and going through that day’s photos. Oops:
Alaska from Bui 545

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June 20th, 2014 – Whitehorse, AK to Liard Hot Springs, BC ~400 miles

Norton Atlas - Front Left

No Reserve – 1963 Norton Atlas 750

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Suzuki GSX-R 750 - Right Side

Nut and Bolt Resto – 1986 Suzuki GSX-R 750

A classic sportbike, the Suzuki GSX-R 750 was originally introduced in 1985 and debuted with a win in the 24-hour World Endurance Championships in Le Mans. The 1986 model, as featured here, was the first year these bikes were imported into the US. Differences between the ’85 and ’86 model were modest – a 25mm longer swingarm, modified bellypan, and upgraded headlights. Continue reading