Dunstall Dominator Replica – 1966 Norton Atlas 750

4-1-15 Update: This ‘Dunstall Dominator’ replica is up for sale again, this time with a BIN of $15,000 or best offer

Post-Listing Update: This bike did not meet reserve at $12,850.

In the early 1960s, Norton factory racers were called Domiracers. Here’s a Norton Atlas that’s been loaded with every possible period Dunstall bit to look just like the original Domiracers, also called Dunstall Dominators. Continue reading Dunstall Dominator Replica – 1966 Norton Atlas 750

Restored Eldo Police – 1973 Moto Guzzi Eldorado

04-01-15 Update: Reader Bill K notes that this Eldo Police is back up for sale here on Craigslist (now for $25,000).

Here’s a beautiful Eldorado Police bike that was restored by Cycle Garden 7 years ago. It’s a numbers matching bike and it has 10,500 since the restoration work, which included the engine being bored out to 950cc, was done. Everything is claimed to work great (including the awesome friction siren), and it looks gorgeous. It’s not cheap, but it’s cheaper than paying for a full restoration, I guess.

Find this Eldo for sale here on Moto Guzzi National Owners Club (scroll down to the listing from 2/14) in Chicago, Illinois for $24,000.

Pontiac Fiero Trike

Yes, it’s based on a car, but the front end is off a bike (bonus points if you can figure out what it’s from, cause I can’t), so I’m considering this suitable enough to feature. For just $2,000, you too can have a homemade trike with the drivetrain of an automatic Fiero. Seems appropriate to post this on April Fool’s Day.

Don’t worry, there won’t be any other dumb posts on April Fools’ Day, for reasons laid out by John Oliver of Last Week Tonight:

Pontiac Fiero Trike - Right Side

Find this trike for sale here on Craigslist in Geneva, Nebraska for $2,000.

Rare in the US – 1988 Honda NSR250 MC18

The MC18 generation of the iconic Honda NSR250R was an all new design available either in “Fighting Red” or the “Terra Blue” that you see in front of you. Limited to 45 horsepower to follow Japan’s licensing laws of the time, the bike could easily be delimited so that you’d have access to all 63 horsepower. The MC18 was never officially imported to the US, making this a rare find. This example has 23,600 miles and is claimed to run well – plus it has an all new set of fairings and the tank has been repainted (original fairings included). For more information on the NSR250, check out this model history page on NSR World.

Find this Honda NSR250 for sale in West Linn, Oregon for $6,500 here on Craigslist.

2009 Ducati Sport1000S

The black Sport1000S was a one year only bike – 2009 only. The “S” was the same bike as the Sport1000, but with lower handlebars and the Paul Smart-style fairing. Ducati was just a little ahead of the times with this bike, and so although sales were initially poor, the resale values for them now are quite impressive (or depressing, if you’re looking to buy). Cycle World calls the SportClassic line a Best Used Bike, click here to find out why.

This example has 8,200 miles and is claimed to be in pristine condition. The fuel tank has been Caswell coated, and you’ll get a Spark exhaust, LED tail light and turn signals, and brown grips. Find this Ducati Sport1000S for sale in Austin, Texas with a BIN of $18,800 or best offer