1 of 1 – 1996 Ducati “649R” SuperTwin Racer

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This Ducati 649 SuperTwin is the only example like it in the world, and it was created specially to compete in Mini/Super-Twin 650 class competition. This super short stroke engine has a 90mm bore that makes 85hp and red lines at 13,000 rpm. This machine is built around a 1996 Ducati model, so I assume a 748SP or SPS. This really is a pretty incredible machine and it’s undeniably one of the most unique custom racers out there. Supertwin 650 engines also deliver a remarkable amount of usable power in the corners which makes the potential of this Ducati far more easily exploited by mere mortals like myself.

This example is decked out with all the high-end names you’d expect the components to come from. The Öhlins forks are fitted with Brembo mono-block calipers with PFM front discs and Brembo clutch and brake master cylinders. A carbon fiber airbox was swapped in along with Marchesini wheels. The rear suspension utilizes a rear suspension linkage from a (Ducati) 749R which supposedly gives a flat rate set up. The ECU and spray-injector bodies on this example came off a 748R, and the entire machine is adorned in full carbon fiber bodywork according to the previous eBay seller who also added the parts list is far more extensive than just what the ad included.

For the past “several years” this bike has sat unused, but recently was given the attention it deserves in the form of new belts, new oil & filter, a fresh set of tires (scrubs), new brake pads, brake and clutch fluids, etc. A new rectifier/regulator was installed as the old system was apparently overcharging. It doesn’t say but I’m confident that a new battery was also installed. This track-only motorcycle is said to be 100% ready to race.

In addition to the money spent on all the trick components, someone spent a LOT of cash on getting the engine to its current state where it meets Mini/Super-Twin class regulations, but whether or not it’s used for competition, it would make for an outstanding track day toy. Hopefully this machine doesn’t end up in someone’s living room because this is too fun of a machine to not be ridden.

Supposedly – despite his contract with BMW – BSB (British SuperBike) racer Richard Cooper tested this machine after it was built by Sean Kinnersly (from Norton I think). One source also claimed Trevor Franklin of MCN rode and reviewed this one-off Ducati at Cadwell Park and reportedly enjoyed the hell out of it. This same machine was previously for sale on eBay in the U.K. with a price of $15,550 (technically £11,980) though I’m unaware of what happened. Either way, it makes this rare example’s current price tag feel a lot more reasonable by comparison.

You can find this Ducati “649R” SuperTwin Racer for sale on RaceBikeMart.com in the U.K. with a price of $8,435 (or £6,500).

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