10 Most Popular Bike-uriosities of 2017

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Ladies and Gentlemen – these are the bikes you clicked on the most this year. Moral of the story is, y’all are crazy! This list is simply based on the number of page views, starting with the highest:

1. Feeling Suicidal? 1995 Kawasaki KX500 Trike – When Kawasaki introduced the KX500 motocrosser in 1983, Dirt Bike magazine called it “unrideable” and “violent.” The owner of this bike apparently never read that article, because he’s decided to take it to another level of lunacy by adding a wheel. Well, that’s not fair, he does say “It isn’t for inexperienced rider, also it is very dangerous. So if you are unfamiliar with trikes and how they ride, please don’t waste my time or your life.“. This sold for the opening bid of $4,500.

2. Good For A Laugh – 1993 Honda PC800 Pacific Coast – the bike itself wasn’t particularly special, but this post got shared so much because the text of the listing was comical and the seller was the kind of guy that would take his Pacific Coast mudding. Offered on Craigslist, final sale price unknown.

3. Not a Scooter – 1992 Suzuki SW-1 – I did not know this bike existed until I was sent this link. I almost made it a “Guess That Bike” feature but I couldn’t wait to just share the listing with you. This is a Suzuki SW-1, and it was only released in Japan for one year. Despite the bodywork, this is not a scooter. It’s a 370 pound, 249cc motorcycle with a 5-speed transmission, designed to be a stylish city commuter. Pulled off of eBay, final sale price unknown.

4. Never Started – 1982 Honda Motocompo – I’ve featured a disproportionate amount of Motocompos on this site over the years because I just love how quirky they are. With all that said, I can easily say this is the most interesting one I ever featured because it’s basically new and it came with some great extras. A couple of my friends even sent this over to Honda in the hopes they’d consider this for the museum at their American headquarters in Torrance, California. This Honda was pulled off of eBay, final sale price unknown.

5. 2 Stroke Legend – 1974 Kawasaki H2 – A decent but not perfect example of Kawasaki’s legendary H2, this restored Kawasaki sold for a BIN of $13,000 in Miami Beach, Florida after being relisted multiple times on eBay.

6. Ex-Navy – 1972 Harley-Davidson Sportster XLA – one of the rarest motorcycles that Harley-Davidson ever built, the XLA was produced in response to a request from the US Government for a patrol bike. Just 418 were sold, and according to the seller this is one of the final 30 because ’72 was the last year for the XLA. It was pulled off of eBay due to an error in the listing.

7. Unexpected Custom – Honda ST1100 – I never really thought I’d write the words “custom” and “ST1100” together in the same sentence, but here’s one that’s surprisingly been turned into a…well, I don’t really know. A cafe racer, I guess? Offered on Craigslist, final sale price unknown.

8. 6,000 Miles – 1984 BMW R80GS – offered by MAX BMW, this low mileage GS looked great, was highly original, and featured a HPN exhaust. It did not meet reserve despite 20 bids on eBay up to $9,000.

9. 20 Miles – 1981 Ducati 900 SD Darmah – sold out of the Stuart Parr collection, this Sport Desmo Darmah had just 20 miles on the odometer. The black and gold paint scheme was an all-time classic – Ducati themselves even honored the lovely livery with the 2007 Sport 1000 Special Edition, a limited run of just 100 bikes only made for the US. This sold for $16,601 after 36 bids on eBay in New York, New York.

10. Fiat Powered in Italy – 1981 Shifty 900 – 1 of 70 examples, the Shifty was powered by a Fiat 900cc automobile motor. It did not meet reserve with bidding stopped at $9,486 in Napoli, Italy. This bike-uriousity brought to you by Paul A!

These were the most popular in terms of page views – tomorrow, I’ll share my personal favorites.

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