18,500 RPM Redline – 1993 Yamaha FZR250R

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Post Sale Update: After 10 bids on eBay, this little Fizzer sold for $2,800.

Officially sold only in Japan, Yamaha’s FZR250R was a little screamer that offered joy to riders that preferred momentum and high entry speeds to face-melting acceleration. The horsepower figure wasn’t bad (45 hp) though the torque was underwhelming (18 lb-ft), but both of those numbers pale in comparison to the redline figure: 18,500 rpm!

For more information, check out this rehosted review (scroll to the bottom) of the FZR250R compared against Suzuki’s 250 GSX-R of the time. Note that the comparison was done 5 years after the bikes were released for a different perspective. In the author’s words, the Yamaha’s motor can be described thusly: “But what an engine. No ride is ever an easy dawdle, every trip turns into a mad, headlong dash for oblivion. Never before has the reason for travelling been so much for the journey and so little for the arrival. It’s breathless and exhausting stuff.

This example has 15,844 miles and it looks OK though there’s plenty of little scratches and bodywork chips. Everything is original except for the turn signals and muffler. The seller says this bike runs flawlessly and it has a new battery and fluids. Find this little Fizzer for sale in Springville, Utah with bidding up to $1,550 and no reserve

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