1929 Majestic 350

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Post Listing Update: this Majestic did not meet reserve despite 36 bids up to $60,000. With that said, a commenter below notes that the bike was later sold to the Barber Museum.

Every once in a while, I stumble upon something truly incredible. This is one of those cases – the aptly-named Majestic 350. A shining example of Art-Deco styling, this French bike was designed as transportation that was to resemble a two-wheeled car rather than a motorcycle. The result is one of the most distinctive motorcycles ever made, one that was featured in the Guggenheim’s “Art of the Motorcycle” exhibit.

Majestic 350 - Front Left

The most distinctive aspect about this motorcycle, in my humble opinion, is not the styling, but rather the steering. Unlike any bike I’ve ever seen, the steering is taken care of with a central rotating hub, and zero rake! A manual hand-shifter let you work the three-speed gearbox, and Majestic offered a variety of engines, including 350/500cc Chaise units, JAP 350/500cc options, a 500cc Train engine, and a liter engine from Cleveland. Want to learn more? Check out this article from the always-wonderful Vintagent, who notes that “the steering is light and the Majestic runs nice and smooth. A better engine with less noise and more power could have been a very good idea, but it’s too late for that…the steering is a bit imprecise and needs constant adjustment to stay on track. With a zero-degree rake angle, this is, of course, expected. However, riding the 1929 Majestic felt perfectly safe and cornering was not as scary as one could imagine. We believe such a ride would really be an uplifting experience.”

Majestic 350 - Front

This specific Majestic 350 has recently undergone a mechanical and cosmetic restoration. It’s claimed to be a truly excellent restoration, and this bike utilizes a 350cc Chaise engine with vertical overhead valves and an in-unit gearbox. .

Majestic 350 - Gauges

Find this Majestic 350 for sale in Vransko, Slovenia with bidding up to $34,667 and the reserve not yet met

Majestic 350 - Right Side

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