1946 Ariel Red Hunter 350

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We recently featured one of these in December, so it is a little unusual to see another pop up on Craigslist. Maybe the owner got motivated after the recent auctions, as some of the older, collectible bikes were fetching serious money, especially the pre-war American twins. Alas, this is neither pre-war, a twin, or American, but that makes it more affordable for your more typical collector.

This is the 350cc model of the line. It was a single-cylinder, overhead valve 4-stroke, good for close to 20HP. This one is a rigid frame, although later models had plunger rear suspension. Front forks are telescopic.

I am by no means any sort of authority on these bikes, but after a few quick looks online at sources such as Bikez.com and Classic British Motorcycles.com this looks to be a well-presented example. Just love the details like the tank-top instrumentation…

The last one we featured in December was the 500cc variant, with the plunger rear suspension, and it went for $6,300. This one is offered for sale in Marietta, Georgia here on Craigslist for $5,900.

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