1959 Ducati 200 Turismo

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Post Sale Update: This Turismo sold for $8,000 after 30 bids on eBay.

After the Nazis retreated from Italy the country was left in a hot mess. Not only was there extensive war damage but the Germans took/destroyed most everything that was usable as they left. There was a pressing need for cheap transportation. Enter Ducati and others to make small, cheap motorcycles. By the early 1950s Ducati decided that to survive and thrive they needed to race and hired Fabio Taglioni who designed the classic bevel driven overhead cam engine that would remain in service until 1974. Ducati began to thrive on the race track and found that Italians bought motorcycles from winners.

The Turismo (Americano when exported here) started as a 175cc design that was soon upgraded to 200cc. In 1959 the bike was exported to the US in two versions. The standard and the Elite.

The 1959 Ducati 200 Turismo used a 203.8 CC air cooled four stroke overhead cam motor that produced 18 HP pushed through a 4 speed transmission for a top speed of 87 MPH. When dry weight of 244 LBS was carried through a strong frame it made for a fast and good handling package.

This particular 1959 Ducati 200 Turismo (VIN # 151675) is in Murrieta, California and is listed as a ‘complete restoration by a prominent Ducati restoration expert (not named).’ The bike is not entirely stock (Seat, Fenders, Exhaust from an Elite) but seems to be in extraordinary condition and well described. The bike is currently priced at $6,200 with reserve not met

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