1960 Pannonia Csepel with Sidecar

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Post-Sale Update: This Pannonia Csepel initially got no interest at the BIN of $9,900, but it was later relisted and sold for $8,500.

Over a 21-year period, a small Hungarian factory produced about 700 thousand motorcycles before going out of business. Very few are left, and not much is known about the Pannonia marque. This Pannonia Csepel is one of the factory’s more well-known offerings, and it comes with an absolutely gorgeous Duna sidecar, to boot.

Pannonia Csepel with Sidecar - Front Left

If you’re into Hungarian bikes, I’ve also featured a Pannonia P20 that looks awfully similar to the Yamaha offerings of the time. The 250cc two-stroke engine was based on a DKW model, and is powerful enough to take two adults in this rig. The Duna sidecar is a Hungarian unit – it’s estimated that 80 thousand of the sidecars were produced and attached to rigs all over the world, and I absolutely love the style. The sidecar body is pressed aluminum and was had springs for suspension, the wheel itself had no brake or suspension. To access the luggage space, you have to remove the back of the passenger seat.

Pannonia Csepel with Sidecar - Gauges

This specific Pannonia Csepel has been restored and is in beautiful condition. This video from two years ago shows that the seats used to be upholstered in red, but of course that has since changed.

Pannonia Csepel with Sidecar - Right Side

Find this Pannonia Csepel for sale in Bluffton, South Carolina with a BIN price of $9,900

Pannonia Csepel with Sidecar - Tank

Last year, this exact bike sold for $8,750 at MidAmerica Auctions in Vegas.

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