1972 Harley Davidson Shortster

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In 1972 Harley (Aermacchi) introduced the 65 CC Shortster minibike. It was an apparent attempt by Harley to get kids on a HD and get them dreaming of the big bike. One advertisement showed a youngster standing with his minibike by a pond. The reflection in the water was a Sportster.

The 1972 Shortster was a one year offering. The motor was more or less from the M-65 and was replaced in 1973 with a 90 CC motor with an oil pump. Roughly 8,000 were made and almost all of them went to the US Market.

The 1972 Harley Davidson Shortster used a 63.8 CC air cooled two stroke single cylinder motor with a 3 speed transmission (left foot shift). Front suspension for the 10” wheel was telescopic (not oil dampened) with internal expanding brake. Rear suspension featured a swingarm with twin shocks also with internal expanding brake on a 10” wheel. Fuel was premixed with a 25:1 ratio.

This particular 1972 Harley Davidson Shortster (VIN# 5c10302h2) is in Corona, California and is listed as “in very nice shape, looks great, nice cosmetics”. The listing points out a couple of deficiencies such as missing transmission linkage and a problem with the kick starter. Mileage is shown as 430. The bike currently has a Buy It Now price of $1,850

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