1972 Munch Mammoth TTS 1200

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Post Listing Update: Bidding got up to $69,600 bud the seller pulled this Mammoth off of eBay due to “an error in the listing.”

Considered by some to be the world’s first superbike, the Munch Mammoth (Mammut) was revealed to the world four years before Honda opened some eyes with the CB750. It was aptly named, with a 996cc four-cylinder car engine from NSU that helped contribute to a weight of 480 pounds. Early models produced 55 horsepower but by ’68 Munch was able to get a 1177cc motor from NSU that put out 87 horsepower. This was powerful enough to cause issues for the rear wheel, so Munch created the distinctive cast magnesium rear wheel that’s reminiscent of a turbine. Just 478 were built, and RideApart estimates that 320 are still around. Here’s a lovely example with terrible photos, but it’s not like these come up for sale every day!

For more on the Mammut, check out this write-up on an older version of The Vintagent (couldn’t find the article on the new site) – it’s especially worth a read as Paul d’Orleans actually got a chance to ride one and he great job conveying what the experience was like. Or if you prefer videos, here’s an episode of Jay Leno’s Garage so you can here what it’s like:

This bike (VIN: 235) exists, and that’s pretty much all I can tell you based on the seller’s description! The seller is a self-described collector who gives his phone number in the listing, so it looks like you’ll need to give him a call to get more information about this rare German.

Find this Mammoth for sale in Marion, Indiana with bidding up to $40,100 and the reserve not yet met or a BIN of $135,000

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