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1973 Honda CB350

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Produced from ’68 to ’73, the Honda CB350 was one of the world’s most popular motorcycles. At the time, it was Honda’s best-selling model, and in 1968 – its first year it was the best-selling motorcycle all over the world. Today we feature an excellent final year example which illustrates what made this bike so desirable. Constantly evolving, this bike got incremental upgrades throughout its lifespan, ending with stronger suspension and a front disc brake.

Honda CB350 - Gauges

The 325cc engine parallel twin engine produced 36 horsepower. The bike weighed just 328 pounds dry, and it was capable of hitting 110 miles per hour. This reliable beauty was the successor to the CB77 Superhawk.

Honda CB350 - Left Side

This specific Honda CB350 is in excellent condition, and has just 6,510 miles. It is mostly original – even the tires are the original Bridgestones. Everything works, and as a last year bike, this is a CB350G in Candy Orange, one of the three factory colors available for ’73. This is the perfect bike for someone who wants a classic that can be ridden every day.

Honda CB350 - Right Side

Find this Honda CB350 for sale here on Craigslist for $3,100 in Roswell, Georgia. This bike-uriousity brought to you by reader Steve B!

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  • PTE

    One of my absolute favorite machines of all time. Having grown up with my Dad’s CB in the garage, this thing just embodies the basic, elemental awesomeness of motorcycles to me. Perhaps it was riding helmet-less on the tank with him (it was the 70’s!) but I sorta appreciate why these are growing so expensive now.

    Best to get one now, I think. The unmolested ones seem to be growing rare-ish and going quickly.

    • abhi_eswarappa

      PTE – You’re definitely on the right track. Best to pick one up soon if you’ve got your heart set on one!

      A lot of the sales are driven by individuals like you, who have great memories of the CB350 when they were younger, but now finally have the money to pick one up.