Harley-Davidson X-90 - Right Side

1975 Harley-Davidson X-90

In America, Small Displacement by Abhi2 Comments

Post-Sale Update: This Harley-Davidson X-90 sold for the BIN price of $2,950.

One of the oddballs to come from Harley’s time when they were merged with Aermacchi, the X-90 was a minibike produced for just 3 years. This example is in ‘sparkling red’, and it comes with a fold-down handlebar to make it easier to transport the bike. The ’75 model year was by far the rarest – find this Harley-Davidson X-90 for sale in Las Vegas, Nevada with an opening bid of $1.00 and a BIN price of $2,950

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  • dnaj

    we called these they Harley Shortster. Able to win all lunch money from other kid mini-bik owners

    • VN

      Dnaj, I’ve just started getting into this blog, and whenever I see a post I look to see if you’ve got one of your little anecdotes. Absolute joy to read.