Honda CBR1000F Hurricane - Right Side

1988 Honda CBR1000F Hurricane

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Post-Sale Update: This Honda Hurricane sold for $2,800 on eBay.

The Honda CBR1000F, also known as the Hurricane, was an excellent sport-tourer that introduced some crucial technology into the Honda lineup. It eventually evolved into the well-known Blackbird. Oh yeah, and it had one of the greatest names in motorcycling history.

Honda CBR1000F Hurricane - Right Side

Available in 1000cc and 600cc versions, the design of the bigger bike has aged a bit better with time. Though on the portly side (over 500 pounds), it had 130 horsepower to back it up. Times have changed, and what used to be a bike too heavy for anything more than stoplight pulls and fast sweepers has now become a widely-accepted classic sport touring bike. There’s only one mechanical issue you have to worry about on an otherwise very reliable bike. These bikes are known for noisy camchain tensioners. Most rattle when cold, but once the engine fills with oil, you should be okay.

Honda CBR1000F Hurricane - Exhaust

But ignore all that for a moment. If there’s any reason why you should buy this Honda Hurricane, it’s just so you can own the work of art featured in this delightfully 80’s commercial:

This specific Honda CBR1000F has 6,205 miles and is in excellent shape. You get a fantastic set of 80’s dual Yoshimura pipes, and a new set of Bridgestone Battlax tires.

Honda CBR1000F Hurricane - Gauges

Find this Honda CBR1000F for sale for $2,800 in Belmont, North Carolina

Honda CBR1000F Hurricane - Front

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  • dnaj

    These bikes were made from 87 to 99. Here is a stock 96 version at a dealer in Daytona for $3495. They’ve had it for a few months. Shows 14.7K and I think its completely stock, tho not the classic silver, the bike looks totally stock. I have zero afilliation with the seller, I dont even know them, I merely saw the bike as a comparison.

    • VN

      Got to love a dealer that uses a bikini model to sell bikes.

      • dnaj

        Agreed, its prolly a Daytona thing

    • lito

      If it was my money (which it’s not, so I can dream) and I wanted a Honda in ’96, I’d forget about the Hurricane. It had grown stale by that point. I’d definitely be grabbing the 900RR instead.

  • Randy

    You say that the 1000 aged better than the 600, but that’s a relative term. This thing looks like the offspring of a cyclops and a whale.

    • dnaj

      I never drove a Hurricance, but I found the RR at tad buzzy.

      • Randy

        @dnaj – I think you meant to respond to lito, but you’re right. The RR ain’t comfy.

    • blanconegro

      its not pretty, but i dont care…i cant stop admiring the yoshi’s! wish i could here what they sound like.