1989 Yamaha TDR250

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I didn’t feature a TDR250 for years, but now this is the third one I’ve seen in the last month! Considering how unique it is, I’m OK with that – a dual-sport frame with a retuned two-stroke motor from a TZR250 sportbike is a recipe for success in my book. Yamaha called it “Ultimate Dual”. I call it weird. Whatever you call it, the US did not have anything like it, because Yamaha never officially sold it here. With that said, a few were sold in Canada, and that’s where this example comes from.

Consider that this nearly 30 year old bike makes 13 horsepower more than a new KLR, yet it weighs 92 pounds less! If that wasn’t good enough, check out this article on ADV Pulse for what else made the TDR special, including Yamaha’s assertion that the TDR’s engine was the first two-stroke motor to utilize both a CDI and an electronic advance system.

This example (VIN: JYA3NRN00KA000259) has 3,800 miles and it looks to be in good shape though it’s missing some decals up front. The seller has owned 4 of these models in the past and he says it does “on demand wheelies in the first 2 gears”, making it “the ultimate hooligan bike.” He’s got two examples left and he’s downsizing down to one. He’s apparently installed new crank seals, pistons, and rings in the motor, cleaned the carbs, put in new black Excel rims, rebuilt the forks, new brake discs, and replaced the front fairing with a fiberglass piece (hence the lack of decals). It also has a new seat cover and ignition switch (different key from the gas tank cap). Everything is said to work and it also comes with a rare luggage rack on the back.

Find this TDR for sale in Orange, California with a BIN of $6,999 or best offer

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