2002 Ghezzi-Brian Furia

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Ghezzi-Brian is another one of those companies that take an existing bike or powerplant and make it something special. Think of the Rickman Brothers building frames for Triumphs, Hondas and various dirt bikes, or Bimota using stock engines and building exotic specials around them with top-shelf components. Ghezzi-Brian’s specials were primarily built around Moto Guzzis.

After the success of their first bike, the Supertwin, they turned to the naked bike category. The result was the Furia. The Furia is built around the 1064cc engine from the V11, with a 5-speed gearbox vice the V11’s 6 speed. Roland Brown, in a review from the Telegraph in 2002 described the unique feature of the Furia:

The Furia’s key feature is its chassis, especially the frame designed by Ghezzi. It is identical to that of the Supertwin, which means it’s based on a steel spine that doubles as the airbox, rather than as the oil tank in normal Guzzi fashion. Air enters under the large fuel tank and exits to the engine via frame sections that jut out on either side, near the swingarm pivot. Oil is held in a separate tank near the steering head.

Neat details abound. Custom-built triple clamps hold sophisticated, upside-down Paioli forks; the 17in front wheel is a lightweight forged aluminium-alloy item from OZ. Braking, another Italian specialist, supplies that huge, rim-mounted disc and four-piston caliper. A tiny, conventional disc and caliper reduce weight at the rear, where suspension is by Ohlins monoshock. Overall weight is just 408lb, a reduction of 77lb over Guzzi’s V11 Sport.

Evidently the seller of this bike was a dealer, and this was one of the first Furias to come to the US. With only 5,990 miles, it is in excellent condition. The listing only shows these two photos, so I would ask for more, but this is a very rare motorcycle, one you will not see coming the other way on the Dragon. It can be yours for $16,000. It is located in Mathews, Virginia here on Craigslist.

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Ghezzi-Brian Website

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