$4.75 Million – 1996 Coca-Cola Road King

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2-28-17 Update: It’s back…and with a 96% discount! Yet somehow I suspect that this Road King will struggle to get any action at the new asking price of $175,000 or best offer

Post Listing Update: Obviously, this Road King did not attract a buyer at the asking price of $4.75 million.

I know asking prices are just about meaningless compared to actual sale prices, but this is by far the highest asking price for a motorcycle that I’ve ever featured. Behold the shiny red magnificence of the Coca-Cola Road King, a custom commissioned by the great-great-granddaughter of Coca-Cola’s founder. It’s been dubbed “the bike that refreshes.”

This bike has quite a history – it’s the only motorcycle that’s been fully licensed to use Coca-Cola’s trademarks and logos, and it even features 6 design patents. It’d take you a while to find all the Coke mentions. The motorcycle has led a NASCAR parade lap, won multiple first place trophies in shows, and been featured in all kinds of media. The only thing more crazy than this bike is the asking price. There’s also a best offer option if you’d like to lowball.

Find this coked-out Harley for sale in Hilton Head, South Carolina with a BIN of $4,750,000 or best offer

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