A Museum of 81 Laverdas

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That’s right…an entire museum is up for sale. Cor Dees runs the “Dutch Laverda Museum” (I’m hoping you can guess what country it’s in) and he’s about to let the entire collection go.

As you’d expect, there are some iconic bikes in here, including one of the first production Laverdas ever, several works racers, the ’71 EICMA 1000 3C Prototype, and even Massimo Laverda’s own 75 Turismo that he donated to the museum. For more details, why not check out the museum’s official site?

A few things to note: Dees is liquidating his collection but he’s keeping two of the three existing Laverda V6 bikes. He’s restoring both and will give the new owner of the collection first dibs when he finishes his work.

Quick tangent on the V6: Cor kept a log of his build here, and if you skip to 2:40 (and wait 30 seconds) you can watch him fire one of them up for the first time:

Per the seller (Via Thema), Mr. Dees prefers that the collection will be:
“a. included i in a Museum, or exposed as part of a larger display or collection of motorcycles, motoring history or a transport related theme.
b. based in Breganze or…a region with an important Laverda community.
c. open to the public and able to be admired on a regular basis by visitors from across the world.”

Even if you don’t have the resources to do this collection justice, you still need to click through and see all the photos of what’s on offer here. And if you do have the resources – kudos! You’ll need to send an email to the sellers with a proposal about how you’re going to treat the collection right. It looks like you’ll get more of a discount if you can prove you’re a true enthusiast that wants to continue sharing these bikes with the rest of the world. So, head on over to Via Thema and start drooling!

Photos by Phil Aynsley.

This bike-uriousity brought to you by Zack B!

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