Asama Racer – 1960 Yamaha YDS1R

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4-17-17 Update: A year later, this Yammie is back up for sale. Find it with bidding up to $3,550 and the reserve not yet met

Post-Listing Update: This Asama racer did not meet reserve with 27 bids up to $9,679.99.

The YDS1R was Yamaha’s first production road racer. It got the name “Asama Racer” because the factory racing bikes had lots of success in races on the Mount Asama Volcano. Introduced in 1959, this model was first offered as a kit that you would use to modify a production YDS1. Yamaha eventually learned that it made more sense to just offer a complete racer as a package, which led to the TD1. This award-winning restored example looks to be on offer from Yoshi at Garage Company, who has had it since 1995.

Asama Racer - 1960 Yamaha YDS1R - Left Rear

For more on the YDS1R, check out this article on Real Classic, who note that the race kit included “expansion pipes, race tuned barrels, cylinder heads, pistons and rings, crank driven magneto ignition, Mikuni-Amal copy remote float carburettors, remote float brackets, inlet port manifolds, rear set footpegs and levers, clip on handle bars, (steel) fuel tank, seat, tacho bracket (three different types!) and tachometer, plus all associated cables, brackets, nuts and bolts.” This led to an output bump from 20 to 30 horsepower.

Asama Racer - 1960 Yamaha YDS1R - Right Rear

This example was originally discovered in 1995 after sitting in a garage for 35 years. It was then restored and won first place in either the 2006 or 2007 (there’s conflicting information online) Legend of the Motorcycle show (now defunct) in Half Moon Bay, California. It’s got Ordani magnesium racing brakes, a Yazaki 2″ tachometer, the large factory steel tank, and more.

Find this YDS1R for sale in El Segundo, California with bidding up to $4,050 and the reserve not yet met

For an idea of what the reserve might be, you can find this bike also for sale right on the Garage Company site with an asking price of $22,000.

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