Baby Bonnie – 1959 Triumph Junior Cub T20J

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Post-Listing Update: After 5 bids on eBay, this Junior Cub did not meet reserve at $3,550.

2-21 Update: This Triumph Junior Cub T20J is back up for sale with an opening bid of $4,000

Post-Listing Update: After 17 bids on eBay, this Junior Cub did not meet reserve at $5,000.

Designed as a restricted version of the Tiger, the appropriately named Triumph Junior Cub was created per special legislation in the US market to help young riders (14-16) to get their license. From a marketing standpoint, it also was built to get riders hooked on Triumphs early, so that they’d upgrade to the Bonneville later on in life. Triumph had success because of the styling – it was even affectionately known as the Baby Bonnie because it looked so much like the bigger bikes in the lineup. It looked like a normal bike and felt like one, too.

Triumph Tiger Cub - Left Side

It’s very easy to get this confused with the ‘normal’ Tiger Cub, which was simply a 200cc variant on the Triumph line. The Junior Cub was restricted down to 5 horsepower, and only 109 were produced between ’58 and ’61.

Triumph Tiger Cub - Engine

This specific Triumph Junior Cub is being sold by someone who’s banking on appealing to nostalgia, and we have to think he’s got a case. The bike is in good shape thanks to an older restoration. There should be no cosmetic surprises, as the seller includes a tremendous amount of pictures. He says you won’t be disappointed by this bike – let’s hope so!

Triumph Tiger Cub - Front Right

Find this Triumph Junior Cub for sale here on eBay with bidding up to $3,550 and the reserve not yet met in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

Triumph Tiger Cub - Gauges

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