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Needs Some Work – 1974 Harley-Davidson RR250

In America, Race by Tim Huber0 Comments

Harley isn’t exactly known for its race machines, but as far as word association goes. Nonetheless, here we have a 250cc Harley-Davidson purpose-built racer: the 1974 RR250. Developed during Harley’s time in AMF competition, this bike is supposedly one of 180, though the RR250 was made for a number of years. While this example needs its restoration to be completed, …

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Pick One – Storz Street Tracker Harleys

In America, Custom, Sport by Tim Huber0 Comments

Storz Performance make some awesome parts and conversion kits. Both of the two Storz examples have been fitted with their XR1200 conversion kit which not only looks pretty snazzy but also cranks up the Harleys performance while shaving off a total of 83lbs. Highlights of the kit include an aluminum tank, fiberglass tail-section, side-covers and rear-fender, a wider rear-tire, actual …

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1981 Harley-Davidson FLH

In America, Cruiser by Abhi0 Comments

I don’t want to call this FLH restored, but it’s clearly had a lot of work done recently. The seller (Classic Motorcycle Consignments) notes that the seller has invested over $24,000 as part of a 6 year ‘renovation’ after the bike was found in a chicken coop, though obviously the owner will only get a small fraction of that back …

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Keystone Framed Factory Hillclimber – 1923 Harley-Davidson Twin-Cam

In America, Off-Road, Race, Vintage by Tim Huber0 Comments

Hillclimbers are some of the most interesting historically significant motorcycles out there. As high-dollar auctions like Bonham’s and Mecum have demonstrated, the right hillclimber in good condition can be worth a literal fortune. One of my favorites is the 1928 Excelsior Big Bertha Hillclimber that sold at a Vegas Mecum auction earlier this year for $117,500. This 1923 H-D Twin-Cam …

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1949 Indian Super Scout

In America, Standard by Tim Huber0 Comments

America’s oldest moco has offered a wide range of Scout models in its more than 100-year history. The 1949 Super Scout would be one of the last models produced by Indian before closing its doors four years later. In addition to its Scout 250 (which is in fact powered by a 440cc Overhead-valve 4-stroke vertical twin engine, though some sources …

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In Belgium – 1913 Indian Board Track Racer

In America, Race, Vintage by Tim Huber0 Comments

Board Track racers are fascinating machines for a myriad of reasons. For starters they’re pretty much uniquely American – which is an increasingly rare feat in the two-wheeled racing world – they possess an undeniable historical significance and they flat out exude an old-school cool and simplicity to them. This beautiful four-valve (two for each of its two cylinders) Factory …

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Can I Get An AMEN? 1978 Honda CB750 Chopper

In America, Cruiser, Custom by Abhi0 Comments

Post Sale Update: This Savior sold for $2,650 after 41 bids on eBay. Based out of Southern California, AMEN (which stood for American Motorcycle ENgineering) made a name for themselves with lots of parts for choppers – but their specialty was in frames. Their best known chassis was called the Savior (some people say because it “Saved Your Ass”) as …

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Black Beauty: 1961 Harley-Davidson FLH Duo Glide Panhead

In America, Cruiser by Tim Huber0 Comments

Despite Harley-Davidson changing up their offerings and introducing models that are more appealing to the next generation of riders (like the FXSTC and 883), their bread and butter has been a selling motorcycles that boast a classic appearance (and some mechanics) that the company’s earlier models possessed. This all original ’61 Panhead is one of the machines that decades of …

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One-Off Custom – 1964 Jacobsen Motorbike

In America, Small Displacement by Abhi0 Comments

Post Sale Update: After being relisted, this Jacobsen sold for $920 after 6 bids on eBay. According to the seller, this was a one-off built by a community hardware store and Jacobsen lawnmower dealer in Rolla, Missouri that was considering selling motorized bicycles. They did not go through with the idea, but this prototype eventually ended up in a collection …

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1949 Indian Arrow

In America, Standard by Abhi0 Comments

Depending on who you ask, the Indian Arrow was either a terrible idea or a necessary pivot in a changing post-war market. Either way, it was a failure that unfortunately contributed to the company’s bankruptcy in 1953. In 1945, Ralph Rogers and some backers bought a controlling interest in Indian, and they stopped production of the legendary Scout because they …

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Two-Wheeled Threesome – 1948 Whizzers

In America, Small Displacement by Tim Huber0 Comments

In contrast to the heavy-weight, large displacement American motorcycles of the mid-twentieth-century, Whizzer bicycles were as lightweight and small displacement as two wheelers get, being nothing more than small power plants mounted to your average bicycle of the era. Most were sold as kits that customers would fix to a bicycle themselves but as time went on several companies started …

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Westwind – 1990 Buell RS1200

In America, Sport by Abhi0 Comments

Was yesterday’s Battletwin a little too exotic for you? Looking for a classic Buell that’s a bit more street appropriate? Say hello to the RS1200 Westwood. While the Battletwin was technically Buell’s first street legal road bike, the Westwind was much easier to ride on the street thanks to a comfier riding position.