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Harley Trunk – 1939 GouldCar

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James Goulding founded the Goulding Sidecar Manufacturing Company in Australia but he debuted his offerings in the US in the year 1920 with a 12,000-mile journey around America with one of his sidecars attached to a 1917 Harley-Davidson Model J. He made a lot of contacts during the trip and decided to move his business to the US in the …

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Evel Knievel’s Stratocycle – Harley-Davidson XLCH

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1-9-18 Update: 2.5 years later, this bike is now being offered by a different seller (but with the same asking price). Find it in Beverly Hills, California for with a BIN of $200,000 or best offer here on eBay. Do you remember the movie Viva Knievel? If you do, you hopefully remember the Stratocycle, a modified Harley XLCH that Evel …

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Rare All-American – SuperVee

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On paper, the SuperVee engine was a pretty great idea that had a lot of promise. The concept was fairly straight forward: take the front two cylinders from the proven Chevy 350 Big Block engine, merge said cylinders with a custom block and an array of other Chevy parts, mix well and the result was a unique All-American V-Twin. The …

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Mono-Body “Midi-Bike” – 1970 Muskin El Gato

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The Muskin El Gato is one funky little scoot. Muskin Corp was aiming to nab a piece of the then-increasingly lucrative small-displacement trail bike market. The company’s strategy was to create a truly unique machine that would stand out from the crowd of other mini offerings and regardless of Muskin’s success, it’s hard to deny the efficacy of said strategy. …

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Ride for Kids Raffle – Honda CB1100 Custom

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12-25-2017 Update: Merry Christmas. The seller has withdrawn this bike from sale as “the builder says he is bummed that I am selling it so cheap.” 12-24-2017 Update: Back in July I told you about this CB1100 that was being raffled off to benefit the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation. The 75-year old winner of the raffle says he’s happier on …

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Alternate Laverda Project – 1971 American Eagle Renegade 150

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Post Listing Update: The BIN was lowered to $999 but that still wasn’t enough to entice anyone to pick up this rare Laverda project. As you’ll note in the comments, however, afterwards one of John McCormack’s sons bought this American Eagle! I’ve featured a few American Eagle models in the past – the brand was John McCormack’s attempt at importing …

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Rare Project – 1973 Alouette AX125

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Post Sale Update: This AX125 sold for $1,026 after 5 bids on eBay. Marketed as “The Multi-Purpose Motorcycle”, the AX125 was an idea that made sense on paper – Alouette was a Canadian snowmobile manufacturer that decided they should also sell dirt bikes so that there dealerships would have products to sell and maintain when there wasn’t snow on the …

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1 of 50 – 2017 Indian Scout FTR750

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After over 6 decades away from professional flat track racing, Indian Motorcycle Racing dominated everyone in the 2017 American Flat Track (AFT) Championship, securing 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in the overall standings. AFT rules stipulate that the motors used in competition have to be based on production designs, so Indian created a limited run of 50 Scout FTR750s for homolgation …

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Restomod Italimerican – 1970 Harley-Davidson Sprint SS350

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In response to the sales success of smaller Japanese bikes in the 1960’s, Harley-Davidson formed a plan to offer a new small-displacement machine to compete as its own small-engined Hummer model left a lot to be desired. Around this same time Aermacchi was interested in focusing more resources on its aeronautical division and allowed Harley to grab a 50 percent …

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1972 Penton Berkshire 100

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Post Sale Update: This Penton sold for $4,200 after 43 bids on eBay. John Penton and KTM started their partnership with the 125 ISDT Six Days, and once it became obvious that the two companies had some financial potential, they expanded the lineup to offer multiple displacements. The smallest of the offerings was the 100cc Berkshire.

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Gaudy and Rare Italimerican – 2006 Ecosse Moto Works Heretic

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Ecosse Moto Works’ Heretic X3 is the epitome of an elite exotic motorcycle. The high-dollar two-wheeler is a combination of raw American muscle, Italian framework, and top-shelf Swedish suspension that all add up to a rather unusual sum that straddles the line between several genres of motorcycle. Only 100 of these bikes were produced, though “EMW” would go on to …