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American Hand Craftmanship – 2008 Confederate Hellcat

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Founded by a lawyer named Matthew Chambers, Confederate Motorcycles was created in 1992 in California. By 1994, the firm was relocated to Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and on November 11th 1994, the first Confederate prototype was released. Thanks to the gathering of some talented engineers, it took only two years to release the prototype of something that had never been seen …

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1971 Aermacchi Harley-Davidson SX350

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In the 70’s, while Harley Davidson Sportsters and their other cruisers were playing in a small-size market, they had to confront other makers (especially the Japanese) on smaller displacement bikes. To that extent, HD also had to play by the same rules and use similar strategies. One of the most common strategies at the time was to use street motorcycles …

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M1030M1 – 2009 Kawasaki KLR650

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KLR fans, take a close look at that motor. If it looks different than what you’re used to, it’s because this is a diesel-powered Kawasaki built by Hayes Diversified Technologies for the US Marine Corps. Hayes actually built 3 military Kawis – a gas-powered bike based on the KLR250 (M1030), another gas-powered bike but based on the KLR650 (M1030B1), and …

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Tetsu Mitsuhashi-Built – 2001 Harley-Davidson Sportster XL1200 Custom

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Tetsu Mitsuhashi honed his skills working under Aki Sakamoto of Hog Killers Inc. Interestingly, Aki himself sharpened his teeth working under Jesse James at West Coast Choppers. While Mitsuhashi has worked on countless bespoke two-wheelers while at Hog Killers, this Sportster-based build is the first solo project to come out of Mitsuhashi’s new shop.

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Early Laverda – 1969 American Eagle 750GT

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Laverda was introduced to the American market via three models called the S, SS, and the GT. The catch is that the bikes were not officially Laverdas – they were American Eagles, the brainchild of Jack McCormack. McCormack’s story is an interesting one – after working for Honda, and showing Suzuki how to bring their bikes to the states, he …

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Power-Dyne Vehicles – 1975 PDV Gringo 250

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Power-Dyne Vehicles (also known as PDV) produced several motorcycles in the early 70s, nearly all of which were copies of something else on the market. The PDV Gringo was a knock-off of Yamaha motocross engines and Champion frames – the story is that PDV was put out of business because Champion sued for infringement.

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1973 Penton Mudlark

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John Penton had a hell of a career, but no one’s perfect. One of his rare flops from his self-titled manufacturing firm was the Mudlark. Originally designed as a trials bike, it was called the “Penton Trials” when it was released. Almost immediately, it was met with poor reviews.

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2009 Buell Ulysses XB12XT

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Post Listing Update: This Ulysses did not meet reserve despite 11 bids up to $4,027.77 on eBay. I have always been a fan of Buells. Not always how they look, but what they stand for: perseverance, innovation, and personal style come to mind. If touring is your jam, there are several new options and a plentiful used market. For those …

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Zero-Powered Prototype – 2018 Campagna “E-Rex”

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Back in April of 2018, Canadian autocycle purveyor Campagna Motors announced it would be releasing a fully-electric version of its long-running T-Rex model. Instead of developing its own electric powertrain, Campagna partnered up with Zero Motorcycles, which agreed to provide the motors, batteries, and controllers which Campagna says have been “seamlessly integrated into the T-REX”.

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Half Harley, Half Vincent – 1984 Sportster Custom

In America, Cruiser, Custom by Abhi1 Comment

8-24-2018: Three years later, this cool custom is back up for sale. It’s now available on Hemmings for $10,800 or best offer. Post Listing Update: This custom Sportster did not meet reserve with 12 bids up to $6,100. Under the name of Classified Motorcycle Company (and before Classified Moto got big), Dan Wilson built 27 kits for Harley Sportsters to …

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Restored Desert Racer – 1968 Steen Hodaka SS 100

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Throughout his lifetime, John Steen made a number of significant contributions to the motorsport world – from being a successful off-road racer to an early pioneer in the synthetic oil market to helping pave the way in the mini bike scene to producing his namesake, Hodaka-powered two-wheelers. John Steen may have passed away in 2007, but the mark he left …

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1963 Harley-Davidson Scat

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Post Listing Update: This Scat did not get any interest at the opening bid of $4,225. During WWII, a large part of the German Army motorcycle fleet was provided by DKW, a Saxony automobile and motorcycle manufacturer created in 1917. One of their major successes, the 125 RT, was known for its high reliability and performance. At the end of …

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2,750 Miles – 1968 Harley-Davidson Electra Glide

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Post Sale Update: This Electra Glide sold for $27,400 after 68 bids on eBay. In 1965, Harley changed the FL model line name from Duo Glide to Electra Glide as they introduced an electric starter. One year later, the FL got a 10% power bump with the introduction of the Shovelhead motor. Two years later, this beautiful example was bought …