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Austrian Two-Stroke – 1990 KTM 250 MX

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In the 1990’s, KTM’s MX machines were routinely winning magazine shootouts, and though they weren’t without flaws the Austrian brappers were thought of as solid bikes. The dawn of the ’90’s would see the “Ready To Race” brand release a highly updated version of its quarter-liter MXer. The 1990 KTM 250 MX boasted ample smooth and tractable low-to-mid range power, …

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2007 KTM 950 SM

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Post Listing Update: This 950 SM was pulled off of eBay, final sale price unknown. For many supermoto riders, the KTM 950 SM made no sense – how could a bike that weighs approximately 450 pounds be called a supermoto. But if you were willing to give this KTM a shot, you would be rewarded with one of the greatest …

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Cafe, Scrambler, or Chopper? – Trio of One-Off Puch Mopeds

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Mopeds are a fantastic choice when looking for an affordable motorized two-wheeler to customize. Aftermarket mechanical and cosmetic parts are cheap and abundant, plus the small engines that power these scoots are incredibly simple and easy to maintain. As these three one-off Puch examples so thoroughly demonstrate, the range of possibilities when it comes to modifying a moped can be …

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Factory Racer – 2012 KTM XC-F 250

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KTM has built a gang of race-winning machinery and though its current MotoGP racer (RC16) has some “room for improvement”, when it comes to producing top-of-the-podium off-road competition bikes, KTM kills it. Even when factory machines are five to ten years old, they’re still wildly competent when compared to today’s production offerings. They’re also always decked out in trick high-end …

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Steyr-Daimler-Puch 250 Racer

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8-15-17 Update: 4 years later, this gorgeous racer is back up for sale. Reader Peter S just let me know that it’s now available in Marina Del Rey, California for $10,500 (about a 33% discount) at Chequered Flag here on Hemmings. Post-Sale Update: This Steyr-Daimler-Puch 250 Racer was pulled off of eBay, final sale price unknown. Unfortunately, this is a hard …

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2007 KTM 950 SMR

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“Think of it as a BMW GS with balls and you’re almost there.” That’s how MCN summed up KTM’s large supermoto, the 950 SMR. Here’s a good looking example that’s well-optioned, plus it’s the “R” which has a smaller tank and a different riding position. What are you waiting for? Go scare some GS owners (myself included)!

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Factory Racer – 2015 KTM RC390 Cup

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Spec racing typically yields some of the most closest finishes on race tracks, and manufacturers will occasionally encourage these classes by building models designed for the task. KTM and MotoAmerica have partnered to create a RC Cup of spec racing in the hopes that it will help grow the next wave of US talent to be seen in MotoGP. Most …

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Race Spec – 2012 KTM RC8-RS

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Despite a myriad of factors preventing KTM’s first superbike from succeeding, many track enthusiasts nonetheless purchased RC8’s and RC8-R’s and turned them into modern powerful track weapons that lacked today’s electronic assists. Then there are (supposedly 50 of) the RC8-RS models (RS meaning Race Spec) that came straight from the KTM factory, having been optimized for race performance. These are …

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No Reserve – 2007 KTM 300 XC-W

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Post Sale Update: After 70 bids on eBay, this KTM sold for $3,000. The seller says that 5 years ago he asked the editor of Dirt Rider magazine what the “best off-road bike was” and the answer he was given was a two-stroke KTM 300. The editor expressed a popular opinion – many experience off-road riders consider this to be …

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First Generation – 2008 KTM RC8

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In 2008, KTM released the 1190 RC8 with big plans of tapping into the flagship Superbike market along with some grand WSBK ambitions. The RC8 would see another seven years of production, receiving various tweaks and upgrades in that time but KTM would ultimately fail to get the traction they had hoped for in the market along with a less-than-stellar …