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Ex-Steve Williams TT F1 – 1988 Bimota YB4-R

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The YB4 was Bimota’s fourth Yamaha-based bike, built around the FZ750 (2MG series). The machine was developed for the ’87 season of the prestigious Formula TT World Championship. It first premiered at the French Bol d’Or Endurance Race of ’86 but after homologation rules forced the company to churn out a minimum number of production road-goers, Bimota would use the …

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Restomod Italimerican – 1970 Harley-Davidson Sprint SS350

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In response to the sales success of smaller Japanese bikes in the 1960’s, Harley-Davidson formed a plan to offer a new small-displacement machine to compete as its own small-engined Hummer model left a lot to be desired. Around this same time Aermacchi was interested in focusing more resources on its aeronautical division and allowed Harley to grab a 50 percent …

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Rare OHC Duck – 1958 Ducati Sport 100

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Founded by brothers Adriano and Bruno Cavalieri as well as Marcello Ducati, what we now call “Ducati” first started out as “Societa Scientifica Radio Brevetti Ducati” back in 1926. The Bologna-based company got its start by manufacturing radio components, mostly for the Italian military. Unfortunately this made the company’s factory a target for being bombed in WW2 – something that …

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Restored – 1979 Fantic Chopper 125

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In 1971, the Conservative Party in England introduced legislation known as the “Sixteeners Laws” – it banned 16 year olds from riding bikes that were 250cc and up. European and Japanese manufacturers responded with a wave of 50-125cc mopeds that were informally called sports mopeds or even “sixteener specials.” While the most commercially successful sports mopeds were practical bikes like …

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Little, Rare, and Italian – 1991 Gilera CX125

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The Gilera CX125 is a really unique little avant-garde motorcycle. Obviously its unorthodox front wheel setup is its most predominant feature, but its space-age full bodywork definitely furthers the adventurousness of the design. The small-bore scoot was built by Gilera, an Italian motorcycle manufacturer founded more than a century ago that was eventually bought by the Piaggio Group. The Arcore-based …

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Boutique Italian Enduro – 2000 VOR EN 400

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VOR (or Vertemati Offroad Racing) is a high-end Italian motorcycle manufacturer specializing in – as the name suggests – enduros and offroad scoots. The small Milan-based company was founded by brothers Alvaro and Guido Vertemati, both of whom had prior experience working in the offroad segment, as well as serving as the Italian importers for Swedish manufacturer Husaberg in the …

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Still New – 2007 Aprilia SXV450

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On paper, Aprilia’s SXV450 was destined to be an all-time great in the world of production supermotos. 60 horsepower at the crank was about 10 more than other 450s were making at a time, and the twin cylinder layout rewarded riders who were willing to play near the 13,000 rpm redline. Unfortunately, it was Aprilia’s first attempt at building an …

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2000 Moto Guzzi Quota 1100ES

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Post Listing Update: This Quota was pulled off of eBay, final sale price unknown. Moto Guzzi took their well-known 1,064cc twin and threw it in an ADV package to compete against BMW’s GS bikes. The result was as you’d expect – too heavy and under-suspended for serious off-road work, but very capable as a sport-tourer that could also play on …

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Built with the Original Plans – 1955 Moto Guzzi V8

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11-10-17 Update: Reader Don L. notes that this ripper is back up for sale – you can find it for sale with bidding up to $40,100 here on eBay. Post Listing Update: This fantastic Guzzi did not meet reserve despite 95 bids up to $56,100. Because I’m in Italy, all 3 of today’s bikes have been some seriously impressive Italians. …