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What Do You Want To Know? 2018 Kawasaki Z900RS

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I don’t often share news about bikes before they’re released, but as Kawasaki started dropping hints about the upcoming Z900RS I had to tell you about it because I know how many of you love the Z1 that inspires this new model. I’m attending the launch of the Z900RS later this week – is there anything specific you’d like to …

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Unexpected Custom – 1987 Yamaha SDR200

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Originally built just for the Japanese market, the SDR200 was a small cafe racer that predated the Ducati Monster with a trellis frame, naked styling, and the three-spoke wheels. It was only offered for one year, and a tiny amount of them found their way in to the grey market to be resold in Europe, Australia, and the US. The …

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Built for Norman Reedus – 1982 Yamaha XV920 Custom

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Classified Moto has made a name for themselves with a signature style and an affinity for classic Japanese machinery. They’ve made some oddballs but they’ve deservedly earned plenty of fans and done some celebrity builds in the process. One of those builds for celebrities was this Yamaha XV920 built for a star of the Walking Dead, Norman Reedus. Fans of …

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5 Miles – 1983 Yamaha Virago XV500

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Today, factory customs are mainstream staples in the motorcycling world, but that wasn’t always the case. Customizing bikes – at least in the manner we know today – was largely unheard of before the 1970’s. Custom choppers did exist, and people would modify bikes for track and racing purposes, but custom street bikes couldn’t have been less embraced by magazines …

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No Reserve – 1970 Yamaha RT1 360

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Yamaha earned themselves a lot of fans with the release of the 360cc RT1 enduro in 1970. The motorcycling public had high expectations after the smaller DT1/AT1 models, so the big brother was going to be just as good, right? Indeed it was. That’s why they are popular nearly 40 years later and why the current bidding on this first …

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World Record Jumper – 1972 Yamaha 650

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Post Listing Update – after 21 bids on eBay, this Yamaha sold for $6,200. John “Cowboy” Hall was a stunt rider in the 70s who earned three world records with this Yamaha 650 that has since been converted to a street legal tracker. His records included jumping 20 cars in Nashville, Tennessee, 16 cars (indoors) in Portland, Oregon, and a …

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HRC-Framed Magazine Build – 2005 Honda CR250R

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M66 Productions is a San Diego-based production company specializing in action sports who are capable of putting together everything from standalone YouTube videos to full DVD releases. In addition to professional video and photography work, M66 appears to dabble in high-performance project builds as well. Their latest project comes in the form of a 2005 Honda CR250R that has supposedly …

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Vesco Fairing – 2013 Honda CB1100

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12-6-17 Update: 18 months later, this CB is back up for sale with another 8,000 miles on the odometer. You can find it with a $1,000 discount down to $8,500 or best offer here on ADVRider (registration required). I thought this was interesting but no one commented last time around. Is the fairing too weird? The motor too weak? Asking …

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1981 Kawasaki KZ440 LTD

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In 1974, Kawasaki built a production plant in Lincoln, Nebraska to crank out their new mid-sized street bike, the KZ400 twin. It made Kawasaki the first international motorcycle manufacturer with a plant in the US – something they would celebrate 4 years later with an exclusive run of Americanized KZ1000s. In the early 80s, the KZ400 grew into the KZ440. …

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Two-Stroke Tiddler – 1972 Suzuki AC50 Maverick

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The 1960’s and ’70’s were a golden era for small-displacement bikes. One of the noteworthy little “tiddlers” from this era was the Suzuki AC50 Maverick, a 50cc scrambler produced from ’70 to ’74. The Maverick never had the same level of popularity as Honda’s Cub C110, but the AC50 supposedly held the title of world’s fastest 50cc production bike at …