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Three Wheeler – 1984 Honda ATC 200S

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Honda brought the 3-wheeler to the US thanks to an engineer named Osamu Takeuchi. Osamu was simply trying to create a product that could bolster motorcycle sales during winter months, but by the time it was all over he had created something so prone to causing injury that the US Justice Department banned them entirely. The model line started with …

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Fresh from the Petersen – 1954 Vespa Ape

In 3 Wheels, Italy, Scooter by Tom Wacker0 Comments

6-17-17 Update: The former eBay listing says that this was sold on eBay for $25,100 after 42 bids, but it looks like that sale did not go through. Contributor Tim Huber notes that htis is now up for sale here on Craiglist for $30,000, still in Palos Verdes, California. Every once in awhile you get to see something so unique …

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1966 BMW-Powered Sidecar Racer

In 3 Wheels, Germany, Race by Tim Huber0 Comments

Built by Herr Helmut Lünemann in the winter of ’65, this rare BMW sidecar racer was used in international GP’s including Germany in ’66-’68. Since then this two-man racer has gone through a few different owners before ending up with its current seller who would go on to do extensive restoration work since buying it three decades ago. Despite it …

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1964 MZ BK350 with Sidecar

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Post Listing Update: As pointed out by a few commenters, this price is to good to be true and this listing is a scam. I’ve removed the link. MZ has produced some oddballs over the years, but the BK350 stands out thanks to a 2-stroke opposed twin motor with shaft drive. THis example is even cooler thanks to a Simpson …

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1984 Moto Guzzi SP1000 with Sidecar and Trailer

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A few weeks ago, I featured a modern Harley with a sidecar and trailer, and the general consensus (understandably) was that you’d be better off with a truck. While that might be true, I still find these combinations interesting – triply so when it’s a classic Italian, the sidecar allows the bike to lean, and everything is painted to match!

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Hack Attack! 1978 CB750A Ending Soon

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As if a ‘78 CB750A isn’t rare enough, why not put a Jawa/Velorex sidecar on it? Then just to be sure you have the one and only mount a Hedingham leading link front fork set up on it. If that doesn’t put you in the ‘one of a kind’ category, nothing will.

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1968 Pannonia T5 with Duna Sidecar

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Pannonia was a Hungarian motorcycle manufacturer that produced over a million bikes between 1954 and 1975 – in addition to a whole bunch of four wheelers. While their range of motorcycle engines included a boxer twin and a vertical twin, the most common motor they built was a two-stroke single as featured in this T5.