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1981 Vespa P200E with Globe Sidecar

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The most popular of the classic Vespas in the US, the “P-series” debuted in 1977 with 125, 150, and 200cc variants. The frames were the same – all that different was the motor and the model name. For the American market, Vespa equipped all of the options (turn signals, 12V electrics, auto oil injection). In the early 80s, Vespa introduced …

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2012 Martin Conquest 1200 Wheelchair Trike

In 3 Wheels, America, England by Tim Huber0 Comments

Trikes have the unique ability of empowering and enabling people to ride who otherwise couldn’t due to age, injury, handicap, or plenty of other reasons. Enter Martin Conquest, a UK-based moco who wanted to give the gift of riding to those bound to wheelchairs, creating the world’s first – as the creators call it – “Wheelchair Motorcycle” that can be …

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FJR1300 Powered – Home Built Reverse Trike

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Motorcycles have the potential of serving as sensible utilitarian vehicles, but reverse trikes like the Can-Am Spyder and Polaris Slingshot epitomize impractical recreational vehicles. While enclosed motorcycle-powered three-wheelers typically cater to a slightly more affluent demographic than standard two-wheelers, this example boasts a far more accessible price tag while still offering much of the raw performance and canyon carving fun …

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3-Wheel Tilters – Pair of Honda Gyros

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The Honda Gyro is an all around fun little scoot. These tilting three-wheelers boast a leaning main body that allows for stability when cornering at speed, without losing a scooter’s traditional low-speed stability. With 49cc displacement, a turning radius of 5.5-feet (or 1.7-meters), an automatic (two-speed) transmission, and the bike’s ability to tilt/lean, the Gyro is a phenomenal gateway into …

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1968 BMW R69S w/ Steib S500 Sidecar

In 3 Wheels, Germany by Tim Huber0 Comments

The R69 (and R69S) are arguably BMW Motorrad’s most iconic two-wheelers of all time. They aren’t the rarest or the most valuable but they possess a crazy wide appeal that extends far beyond just the motorcycling community. When first released, these two-wheeled feats of engineering quickly proved themselves while amassing a loyal legion of followers. They were built from 1955 …

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Streetable Streamliner – 1989 Pulse AutoCycle

In 3 Wheels, America by Tim Huber0 Comments

Don’t let this vehicle’s steering wheel and training wheels fool you, this is very much a motorcycle, (or at least a single track machine.) This rare 1989 Pulse Rocket Cycle example is all kinds of interesting. This behemoth of an enclosed scoot is powered by a water-cooled 1980’s Honda Gold Wing 1200 engine and reportedly is good for a cool …

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Ural Destroyer – 2014 Yamaha Bolt w/ Ural Hack

In 3 Wheels, Custom, Japan by Tim Huber0 Comments

People don’t buy side cars the way they used to. As a result, manufacturers aren’t inclined to allocate resources to better develop these passenger-friendly scoots, no new sidecar advances are made and sales remain low. It’s a vicious cycle. Ural is one of the only factory options when buying a bike with a sidecar today, the only problem is, to …

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Servicustom – 1967 Harley-Davidson Servicar

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With the rise of the automobile, motorcycle companies were forced to respond in the way of producing utilitarian scoot-based machines with the most common example being the Harley-Davidson Servicar. These machines were manufactured from 1932 to 1975 and saw dozens of changes and updates in its 43 years of production with some models having a car-like rear differential. While this …

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Three Wheeler – 1984 Honda ATC 200S

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Honda brought the 3-wheeler to the US thanks to an engineer named Osamu Takeuchi. Osamu was simply trying to create a product that could bolster motorcycle sales during winter months, but by the time it was all over he had created something so prone to causing injury that the US Justice Department banned them entirely. The model line started with …