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1984 Moto Guzzi SP1000 with Sidecar and Trailer

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A few weeks ago, I featured a modern Harley with a sidecar and trailer, and the general consensus (understandably) was that you’d be better off with a truck. While that might be true, I still find these combinations interesting – triply so when it’s a classic Italian, the sidecar allows the bike to lean, and everything is painted to match!

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Hack Attack! 1978 CB750A Ending Soon

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As if a ‘78 CB750A isn’t rare enough, why not put a Jawa/Velorex sidecar on it? Then just to be sure you have the one and only mount a Hedingham leading link front fork set up on it. If that doesn’t put you in the ‘one of a kind’ category, nothing will.

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1968 Pannonia T5 with Duna Sidecar

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Pannonia was a Hungarian motorcycle manufacturer that produced over a million bikes between 1954 and 1975 – in addition to a whole bunch of four wheelers. While their range of motorcycle engines included a boxer twin and a vertical twin, the most common motor they built was a two-stroke single as featured in this T5.

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1916 Indian Powerplus with Side Car

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The Indian Power Plus was a successful roadster and canvas for racing bikes, especially with Erwin “Cannonball” Baker (after whom the Cannonball Run was named after). Hemmings called this “the engine that changed American motorcycling.” Today we’ve got an example that forgoes the racing pedigree for the utility of a sidecar.

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Feeling Suicidal? 1995 Kawasaki KX500 Trike

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Post Sale Update: This trike sold for the opening bid of $4,500. When Kawasaki introduced the KX500 motocrosser in 1983, Dirt Bike magazine called it “unrideable” and “violent.” The owner of this bike apparently never read that article, because he’s decided to take it to another level of lunacy by adding a wheel. Well, that’s not fair, he does say …

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1 of 1 – 1913 Harley-Davidson Forecar

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How much would the last of something be worth? In a world that is dominated by scarcity, real or imagined, what is the value of ‘the only one known to exist’? This Harley Davidson Forecar is the only one, and it’s for sale. The Forecar was introduced in 1913 in response to a perceived need for delivery vehicles in the …

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1950 Moto Guzzi Ercole

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Ercole is Italian for Hercules – an appropriate name for this vintage three-wheeler that could carry nearly a ton of weight in the hydraulic bed. Some models came with a cab that could fit three, though this example was designed for a solo rider that would have to brave the weather.

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1976 TriVette

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During the 1970s, America was suffering through an oil embargo. Lots of small companies tried to enter the automotive market by focusing on gas mileage. Bob Keyes of Ventura, California looked at a study that found “93% of the vehicles on the freeways in Southern California were being driven with only a single occupant, the driver.” His thought that having …

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1951 Nimbus Model C with Sidecar

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Fisker and Nielsen of Copenhagen, Denmark made their first motorcycle in 1919, a 750 CC inline four cylinder cleverly known as the Model A. An improved Model B followed and was produced until 1926 with 1,300 total units sold.

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Fresh from the Petersen – 1954 Vespa Ape

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Every once in awhile you get to see something so unique it just makes you say ‘Wow’. This Vespa APE has been on display at the Petersen Museum for the last 4 years and is now offered for sale. The Piaggio (Vespa) APE has been in the lineup since 1948. It started life as a simple 3 wheeled vehicle with …