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1970 Rickman Triumph Metisse

In Dual-Sport, England by Ted Clough0 Comments

Most of you know the story of brothers Don and Derek Rickman, who started out in the early 60’s building custom frames for British scrambles bikes and later road racers. Their frames were light and rigid, and they incorporated some innovations such as oil-in-frame, eccentric swingarm adjustment,and larger diameter telescopic forks. The frames were very popular with racers, enough so …

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1969 Ducati 450 Scrambler

In Dual-Sport, Italy by Tom Wacker0 Comments

Post Listing Update: This Scrambler was pulled off of eBay, final sale price unknown. Ducati of the ‘60s and ‘70s had a history of being between extreme financial peril and a rosy business outlook. The Scrambler series was conceived and delivered during one deep, dark period of potential business failure and had a significant impact on the very next period …

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1971 Triumph T25T Trailblazer

In Dual-Sport, England by Tom Wacker0 Comments

Built for just two years the T25T (1970 and ‘71) was an attempt by the Triumph/BSA brain trust to capitalize on the scrambler craze. The styling was good with a unique exhaust setup but they had a reputation for heavy vibration and weak gearboxes. Whatever the reason they just didn’t sell very well which puts them squarely in today’s collectible …

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1977 Penton GS6 250

In America, Austria, Dual-Sport, Less than 5k by Abhi0 Comments

In 1977, Penton introduced the GS6 (GS = Gelande Sport where Gelande translates to terrain or off-road, 6 = number of speeds in the transmission). It had a similar frame to the MC5 motocross bike but it came with an orange enduro tank, side panels, and a number plate with a headlight.

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1969 Bultaco Matador

In Dual-Sport, Spain by Abhi0 Comments

About the ’69 Matador, Cycle World said it has the “uncanny ability to change its character from that of gentle trail plodder, to hard-charging racer, to graceful trails mount, to occasional ride-to-work tool.” This example is almost completely restored – just missing some “correct fasteners.”

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1972 Yamaha DT1

In Dual-Sport, Japan by Tom Wacker0 Comments

Like most earthshaking ideas, the idea behind the 1968 DT1 was simple. Build a sturdy dirt bike with good suspension travel. Give it good power and handling. Add lights to make it street legal and make it half the price of the Husqvarna 250. Everybody loved it. From the press to first time riders and everybody in between. The initial …

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1986 Moto Guzzi V65 TT

In Dual-Sport, Italy by Abhi0 Comments

TT stands for Tutto Terreno – and that translates to All Terrain. Think of this as Moto Guzzi’s entrant into the market of big dualies that BMW invented with the GS. With the proven V65 engine and Tonti frame coming together in a package that was only about 400 pounds wet, the TT had some potential.