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Austrian Two-Stroke – 1990 KTM 250 MX

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In the 1990’s, KTM’s MX machines were routinely winning magazine shootouts, and though they weren’t without flaws the Austrian brappers were thought of as solid bikes. The dawn of the ’90’s would see the “Ready To Race” brand release a highly updated version of its quarter-liter MXer. The 1990 KTM 250 MX boasted ample smooth and tractable low-to-mid range power, …

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Street Scrambler Elsinore Tribute – 1985 Honda VF500 Custom

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What we have here is an ’85 Honda VF500 V30 Magna-based, 500 Interceptor-powered Street Scrambler build. This example – which was built as a 1973 Honda CR250 Elsinore tribute – very much looks the part of your typical scrambler while boasting performance closer to that of a mid-’80’s sport bike. The V4-powered sled has received a lot of work and …

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1984 Zundapp KS80 Super

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Also known as the Model 537, the KS80 was available in three variants: the Super, the Sport, and a super rare (just 2 produced) Super Sport. The Super was the first version, and approximately 6,000 examples were produced in silver or red. Despite the diminutive size, it had several features normally found on bigger bikes like a damping-adjustable shock with …

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Mono-Body “Midi-Bike” – 1970 Muskin El Gato

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The Muskin El Gato is one funky little scoot. Muskin Corp was aiming to nab a piece of the then-increasingly lucrative small-displacement trail bike market. The company’s strategy was to create a truly unique machine that would stand out from the crowd of other mini offerings and regardless of Muskin’s success, it’s hard to deny the efficacy of said strategy. …

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Ping King – 1986 Honda CR500

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When first released, Honda’s CR500 was its most powerful MXer ever produced, though that power was wildly difficult to tame. The CR was nonetheless a major success and Honda opted to keep the half-liter thumper in production for more than a decade prior to be being phased out in 2001 upon the rise of the four-stoke machines and the company’s …

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Well-Loved – 2007 BMW R1200S

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“Born in heaven, raised in hell.” That was one of the slogans BMW used when they introduced the R1200S, an evolution of the R1100S that fell much more on the ‘sport’ side of the sport-touring equation. It was the sportiest boxer twin BMW had ever built, and they emphasized the point by initially omitting factory luggage. A year later the …