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1994 MZ Silver Star Classic

In Germany, Less than 5k, Standard by Abhi0 Comments

If you’re looking for something simple that’s still rare, the MZ Silver Star might be right up your alley. Hopefully you’re the kind of person that can constantly put up with being asked what kind of bike you’re riding any time you stop! This example stands out as it’s the only one I’ve seen for years with hard bags for …

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High Potential – 1978 Moto Guzzi CX100

In Italy, Less than 5k, Sport by Abhi0 Comments

Aesthetics are subjective, so I’ll just say I’m not a huge fan of how this bike looks. But the seller has had it for 17 years and done a tremendous amount of work to the mechanical side of things. Unfortunately, he has to let it go because he’s moving overseas. I think that with a little bit of cosmetic attention, …

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Incomplete Restoration – 1973 Benelli SS250 SuperSport

In Italy, Less than 5k, Standard by Abhi0 Comments

In 1962, Benelli and Motobi merged, and Benelli acquired Motobi’s engine designs in the process. Over time, the Motobi motor evolved into 175, 200, and then 250cc variants. Like General Motors did with Chevy/Oldsmobile/Pontiac etc, Benelli and Motobi practiced a bit of brand engineering: the Motobi motor ended up powering a motorcycle known in the US as the SuperSport and …

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Early BMW Hybrid – 1983 BMW R80ST

In Germany, Less than 5k, Standard by Ted Clough0 Comments

The R80ST was the street-only version of the R80GS. It had slightly different styling, and the seat was slightly lower. It used the same air-cooled boxer twin engine with a dry clutch that put out 50hp at 6500 rpm. The 5-speed tranny drove the rear through the same Monolever shaft drive. Wheels were 19″ front, 18″ rear, for the street.

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1970 Montesa 247 Cota

In Less than 5k, Off-Road, Spain by Ted Clough0 Comments

I don’t know what it is about Trials bikes that make me want to hit the “Buy Now” prompt. I think it is just because they represent the essence of motorcycling. Two wheels, a simple engine, twist and go. This Montesa ticks those boxes…

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Be a Hero – 2009 Suzuki SFV650 Gladius

In Japan, Less than 5k, Standard by Abhi0 Comments

Suzuki introduced the Gladius as a replacement for the very successful SV650. While it was an objectively better bike in most ways, the American market did not take kindly to it and it was recently replaced with…the SV650 again. Apparently Suzuki sold at least one Gladius, because someone is trying to sell his and he’s resorted to trying to convince …

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1967 BSA Thunderbolt

In England, Less than 5k, Touring by Abhi0 Comments

The baby sister of the Lightning, BSA’s Thunderbolt got the usual 650cc twin but it was paired with just one Amal carb compared to the two carbs of the faster Lightning. Known internally as the A65, the motor was BSA’s attempt at unit construction. It would comfortably cruise at 70mph and was capable of doing the ton. A few years …

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1992 Suzuki Bandit GSF400

In Japan, Less than 5k, Sport by Abhi0 Comments

When the 400 Bandit was offered to the US for the first time, Cycle World said “as a styling exercise…it may be the most exciting bike of 1991.” A couple of decades later, and it still looks interesting. Suzuki first created the model in 1989, but the US wouldn’t get it for another couple of years – by that point …

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110 of 300 – 2003 Aprilia RSV1000R Haga Replica

In Italy, Less than 5k, Sport by Abhi0 Comments

Normally, a company releases a limited edition to celebrate a specific achievement like a certain amount of victories or an anniversary. For some reason, Aprilia decided to release just 300 bikes patterned after Noriyuki Haga’s WSBK Aprilia, though he was never able to finish better than runner-up over a season. To be fair, he placed 2nd three times, and it’s …