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Three Wheeler – 1984 Honda ATC 200S

In 3 Wheels, Japan, Less than 5k by Abhi0 Comments

Honda brought the 3-wheeler to the US thanks to an engineer named Osamu Takeuchi. Osamu was simply trying to create a product that could bolster motorcycle sales during winter months, but by the time it was all over he had created something so prone to causing injury that the US Justice Department banned them entirely. The model line started with …

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Double the Displacement – 1979 Honda CT70 Custom

In Custom, Japan, Less than 5k, Small Displacement by Tim Huber0 Comments

There’s something special about micro-displacement trail bikes. So many of us have a sentimental attachment to these little machines as a lot of riders spent time romping around on these as kids, for a lot of people this was their first experience on a motorcycle. Restored examples of these machines aren’t very common and the direction this CT70’s builder took …

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2000 Moto Guzzi V11 Sport

In Italy, Less than 5k, Sport by Ted Clough0 Comments

Moto Guzzis are an acquired taste. If you’ve ever ridden one, you would immediately know what I mean. Their owners can be a quirky group, but you have to give them credit for their loyalty, and they tend to rack up the miles. The V11 was Guzzi’s attempt to grab a piece of the “sportbike” market in the late 1990’s.

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Folding Scooter – 1968 Minimo Joky

In Germany, Less than 5k, Scooter by Abhi0 Comments

The Minimo Joky is a rare folding scooter with a frame made out of aluminum. Because it weighed 60 pounds, it was apparently quite popular with yacht and glider owners – the former would get around the harbor and the latter would use it to get to a phone after landing. They’re nearly impossible to find in the US and …

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1974 Dalesman 125 Scout

In Dual-Sport, England, Less than 5k by Abhi0 Comments

Dalesman was an English motorcycle manufacturer that started by utilizing Puch motors. They made three versions: trials, motocross, and enduro. Production was based out of Yorkshire between 1968 and 1974, making this Enduro (also branded as the Scout) bike one of the last off the line.

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One Owner, 170k Miles – 2005 Honda VFR800

In Japan, Less than 5k, Sport, Touring by Abhi0 Comments

Honda’s VFR lineup has typically enjoyed a reputation of being good sport-touring bikes for those who want to cover lots of miles in a day but do it with a some agility. This bike is a monument to that stereotype as the original owner put 170,000 miles on it since he bought it new. The owner was a Honda mechanic …

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1947 Saginaw Powerbike

In America, Less than 5k, Small Displacement by Abhi0 Comments

Built by the Saginaw Products Corporation, the Powerbike was a conversion kit that you could slap onto any pedal-driven bicycle. All you had to do was remove the bicycle’s rear wheel, bolt on the Powerbike, and then hook up a fuel tank, fuel lines, and the throttle cable. They were successful enough that Sears started to offer pre-converted Powerbikes. The …