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A Double Hand Full of Husqvarnas

In Off-Road, Sweden by Tom Wacker0 Comments

Here we have a guy that is selling 7 vintage Husqvarna (and two Penton) motorcycles at the same time. It seems to me like he may have overestimated the number of Husky collectors that are available at any given time. It nearly ensures he won’t get much competitive bidding.

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1973 Penton Jackpiner 175

In America, Off-Road by Tom Wacker0 Comments

John Penton had a huge impact on two legendary motorcycle manufacturers at roughly the same time. Husqvarna and KTM both owe some of their success to the Ohio farmer. When Penton’s wife died in 1958 he took a year off to ride motorcycles. In the course of that year he won the Jack Pine and the Corduroy off road on …

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One Owner – 1969 Rokon Trailbreaker

In America, Off-Road by Abhi0 Comments

Rokon was founded in the early 60s with the intent of developing a “moto-tractor” that featured two wheel drive. This task was achieved with a combination of shaft, chain, and belt drives, and it enabled riders to go nearly anywhere – as long as they weren’t in a rush!

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1975 Bultaco Pursang 250 Mk8

In Off-Road, Spain by Abhi0 Comments

Originally formed in 1959, Bultaco was created primarily by former employees of the Montesa racing department. With time, Bultaco became known for off-road competition bike, and their most popular in the US was the Pursang. Bultaco offered the Pursang in engine sizes ranging from 125cc to 370cc before the first closure of the factory in 1979.

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1969 CZ 360 Motocross

In Off-Road by Tom Wacker0 Comments

When Paul Friedrichs won his third consecutive 500CC World Motocross Championship on a CZ 360 Motocross in 1968 it pretty much guaranteed that the 1969 model would be in high demand worldwide. The big thing about CZ was that you could go to your dealer and buy what Paul Friedrichs and the rest of the big name crew was riding. …

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1968 Triumph TR6C

In England, Off-Road by Tom Wacker0 Comments

The Triumph TR6 was introduced as a 1956 model 650 CC twin aimed squarely at the US market. Bud Ekins said he basically taught Steve McQueen to ride the fire roads of So Cal on a TR6, and there is no doubt that McQueen loved the bike. He owned several over the years. By 1968 the TR6 was unit construction …

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Restored – 1973 CZ 250

In Off-Road by Abhi0 Comments

In 1973, CZ introduced the iconic “coffin” tank for their 250 motocrosser – in hindsight it seems oddly appropriate as ’73 was when Honda introduced the 250 Elsinore, which helped kill the sales of CZ and other competing MX bikes. To be fair, Jaroslav Falta almost won the 250cc World Championship on one of these in 1974, but by ’77 …

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1973 Maico 400

In Germany, Off-Road by Tom Wacker0 Comments

In 1973 there were a couple of slogans regarding Maico dirt racers. “You are either riding a Maico or chasing one” and “Maico Breako”. Neither one was quite correct. There is no doubt that in the early 1970s that Maico along with Husqvarna and Bultaco were the big 3 of motocross. By 1973 the Japanese makers had improved enough to …

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Some Work Needed – 1968 Bultaco Matador

In Less than 5k, Off-Road, Spain by Tom Wacker0 Comments

Post Sale Update: This project sold quite quickly at the asking price of $1,250. It’s a well known success story of how “Paco” Bulto resigned from Montesa in 1958 and formed a new company that had almost instant success on the track and a long and legendary run in dirt racing. The Matador started out as a 200 CC dirt …

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1969 Rickman Metisse MKIII

In England, Off-Road by Tom Wacker0 Comments

When I see a listing for an original Rickman, my ‘fake’ response comes to the front. Throw in a Steve McQueen reference and I just darn near call BS every time. Not that the Rickman brothers didn’t build some great motorcycles over the years. Their dirt bike frames and components were legendary in the middle 60s. Steve McQueen did own …

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Honda Z50 Collection

In Japan, Off-Road, Small Displacement by Abhi0 Comments

A seller in Hollywood, Florida has 5 different examples of Honda’s iconic Z50 line. From old to new: 1. 1969 Honda Z50A Military Tribute – the seller got this three years ago. It’s said to run as it should and it comes with a military helmet. Bidding is currently up to $730 with the reserve not yet met or a …

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Auto MX – 1978 Husqvarna 390 AMX

In Less than 5k, Off-Road, Sweden by Ted Clough0 Comments

Husqvarna is a proud Swedish company with over a 100-year history of making motorcycles. While they built many street and road-racing bikes prior to WW2, they are best known for their dominance in motocross, enduro and desert racing in the 1960s and 70s. The 1978 Husky 390 put out 41HP at 8000rpm and was very competitive with the open motocrossers …

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Sonic Weld Frame – 1966 Triumph 650

In America, England, Off-Road by Ted Clough0 Comments

Sonic Weld was another of those companies that built custom frames for racing. Think along the lines of Trackmaster, Rickman, Cheney or Champion. It was common in the 70’s and 80’s to take an engine from a stock Bultaco, Ossa, Triumph, Yamaha, etc, and put it into a custom frame for racing. The factory frames were not up to the …