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1978 Puch Sport MKII

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1973 was a bad year for cars but a great year for mopeds. The oil crisis made consumers look at more efficient forms of personal transportation, and companies like Puch benefitted from a lineup full of small mopeds like te Maxi. The Maxi was powered by a 2-stroke engine and it was offered in a variety of popular models.

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Ending Soon – 1949 Lowther/Indian Trike

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In the late 40s, when Indian was in its death throes, they partnered with the Lowther company of Joliet, Illinois. Lowther had already been producing scooters with a slogan of “Park Avenue Scooters with the Main Street price”. Indian rebadged an existing Lowther scooter and called it the Stylemaster – I featured one for sale over five years ago. The …

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Water Scooter Project – 1957 Vincent Amanda

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Post Sale Update: This Amanda sold for $1,701 after 6 bids on eBay. I’m stretching the definition of “scooter” here, but this “water scooter” is an interesting, if brief, footnote in the history of one of the greatest motorcycle manufacturers of all time. When Vincent was struggling to make ends meet in the 50s, they tried to diversify their portfolio …

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1964 Fuji Go-Devil

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Post Sale Update: This Go-Devil sold for $1,600 after 22 bids on eBay. Built between 1964-1967, the Go-Devil was one of the nicest minibikes available at the time thanks to a 50cc 2-stroke Fuji motor, swing-arm suspension, front forks with 30 degrees of rake, and good build quality. It also folded up into a storage bag. One of my biggest …

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In Canada – 1962 Valmobile

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Post Listing Update: This Valmobile was pulled off of eBay, final sale price unknown. Some little scoots in the 60s had foldable handlebars, but very few could compare to the Valmobile. The entire front assembly folded into the body, and an integrated handle allowed you to drag the box by hand as it rolls on the rear wheel! This led …

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Rare Project – 1983 Honda Gyro X

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Post Sale Update: This Gyro X sold for $1,894.13 after 21 bids on eBay. I’ve featured several examples of Honda’s quirky 3-wheeler called the GYRO (which is apparently an acronym for “Great Your Recreation Original.”) The US only got one of the versions, a “S” model that was focused on just carrying a rider around. But Japan got multiple variants …

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1 of 350 in Canada – 2005 Vespa PX150 Serie Canada

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While most scooters nowadays are “twist and go” affairs with automatic transmission, the Vespa PX model line from 1977-2017 with two simple constants: a 2-stroke motor and 4-speed manual transmission with a grip shift. The PX150 was reborn in 1998 with a 10 year production run, and in 2005 Vespa made a few special editions by changing up paint colors. …