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Pre-Z125 – 2003 Kawasaki KSR110

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If this morning’s CT90 custom was too weird, here’s something stock (but still quite rare in the US). Kawasaki currently offers the Z125 to compete with Honda’s Grom, but even before both bikes were available Team Green had a street legal mini in Southeast Asia called the KSR110. It’s a scooter alternative for beginners and youngsters that is basically impossible …

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In France – 1976 Malaguti Olympique

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Post Listing Update: This Malaguti did not get any interest at the opening ask of $2,000. Europe’s tiered licensing system has created demand for smaller bikes that youngsters are limited to, and back in the 70s one of the most popular categories was the 50cc ‘sport moped’ – the dream of many a teenager. The best seller was the Yamaha …

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“Red Head” – 1970 Malanca Testa Rossa 50

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Post Listing Update: This Malanca did not meet reserve despite 30 bids up to $3,051. Based out of Bologna, Italy, Malanca was a motorcycle manufacturer that had some success in small displacement racing. This is one of their impressive scooters, a 50cc “Testa Rossa”. That translates to Red Head, and depending on who you listen to the name either came …