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1972 Penton Berkshire 100

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Post Sale Update: This Penton sold for $4,200 after 43 bids on eBay. John Penton and KTM started their partnership with the 125 ISDT Six Days, and once it became obvious that the two companies had some financial potential, they expanded the lineup to offer multiple displacements. The smallest of the offerings was the 100cc Berkshire.

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Rare OHC Duck – 1958 Ducati Sport 100

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Founded by brothers Adriano and Bruno Cavalieri as well as Marcello Ducati, what we now call “Ducati” first started out as “Societa Scientifica Radio Brevetti Ducati” back in 1926. The Bologna-based company got its start by manufacturing radio components, mostly for the Italian military. Unfortunately this made the company’s factory a target for being bombed in WW2 – something that …

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Restored – 1979 Fantic Chopper 125

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Post Listing Update: Despite 9 bids on eBay up to $4,600, this Fantic did not meet reserve. In 1971, the Conservative Party in England introduced legislation known as the “Sixteeners Laws” – it banned 16 year olds from riding bikes that were 250cc and up. European and Japanese manufacturers responded with a wave of 50-125cc mopeds that were informally called …

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Two-Stroke Tiddler – 1972 Suzuki AC50 Maverick

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The 1960’s and ’70’s were a golden era for small-displacement bikes. One of the noteworthy little “tiddlers” from this era was the Suzuki AC50 Maverick, a 50cc scrambler produced from ’70 to ’74. The Maverick never had the same level of popularity as Honda’s Cub C110, but the AC50 supposedly held the title of world’s fastest 50cc production bike at …

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1939 DKW Diamant

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In Sweden, the most popular early motorcycle was the DKW-powered Diamant. This example was originally built and sold in 1939 but due to World War II it wasn’t registered until 1946. Over 70 years later, it’s still running and rocking the original paint – plus it comes with a copy of the original registration!

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Little, Rare, and Italian – 1991 Gilera CX125

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The Gilera CX125 is a really unique little avant-garde motorcycle. Obviously its unorthodox front wheel setup is its most predominant feature, but its space-age full bodywork definitely furthers the adventurousness of the design. The small-bore scoot was built by Gilera, an Italian motorcycle manufacturer founded more than a century ago that was eventually bought by the Piaggio Group. The Arcore-based …

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Restored – 1972 Honda CT70H

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Post Listing Update: This CT70H did not meet reserve despite 39 bids up to $3,950. For many CT70 enthusiasts, the “H” models were desirable as they came with 4-speed transmissions and a manual clutch. So this should be an interesting auction to follow as this specific example was recently restored and it’s just about like new.

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124cc Motor – BBR Honda CRF50 Racer

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Unless you participate in one of the relatively niche small displacement race events or leagues, you’ll seldom come across sub-250cc bikes in full pro-grade race-trim. That’s exactly what we have here, a 124cc Honda CRF50 decked out with just about every upgrade imaginable and built by one of the most renowned MX race shops on the west coast: BBR Motorsports. …

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Cafe, Scrambler, or Chopper? – Trio of One-Off Puch Mopeds

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Mopeds are a fantastic choice when looking for an affordable motorized two-wheeler to customize. Aftermarket mechanical and cosmetic parts are cheap and abundant, plus the small engines that power these scoots are incredibly simple and easy to maintain. As these three one-off Puch examples so thoroughly demonstrate, the range of possibilities when it comes to modifying a moped can be …