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1974 Kawasaki Z1

In Japan, Sport by Abhi0 Comments

There are some really legendary models in motorcycling history that are able to be identified without regard to make or even year. Bonneville. CB750. H2. There are many others, but there is no doubt that the Z1 fits in that group.

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Recent Restoration – 1956 Mondial 200 Sport

In Italy, Sport by Abhi0 Comments

The glory years of FB Mondial were right at the beginning – they were founded in 1948 and immediately started winning GP World Championships. Specializing in high performance, small displacement bikes, FB Mondial hand built most of their motorcycles, resulting in production numbers between just 1-2 thousand a year. The (FB) Mondial 200 Sport was one of the few street …

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1992 Suzuki Bandit GSF400

In Japan, Less than 5k, Sport by Abhi0 Comments

When the 400 Bandit was offered to the US for the first time, Cycle World said “as a styling exercise…it may be the most exciting bike of 1991.” A couple of decades later, and it still looks interesting. Suzuki first created the model in 1989, but the US wouldn’t get it for another couple of years – by that point …

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1966 Bultaco Metralla Project Bike

In Spain, Sport by Abhi0 Comments

Formed out of the wreckage of the Montesa racing program in 1958, Bultaco was a company organized around producing fast motorcycles. Though they would become best known for their off road products, Bultaco also built some fine street/race machines in their 25 year history. Introduced in 1962 the Metralla was quite possibly the fastest 2 stroke motorcycle on the planet …

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2005 Ducati 999S Custom

In Custom, Italy, Sport by Abhi0 Comments

The seller of this bike took a salvaged 999S and turned it into something designed to be much more comfortable and easier to ride. It’s not what I would call pretty, but for those of you that believe upright bars and a more neutral riding position are the way to go, this is a unique way to go.

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110 of 300 – 2003 Aprilia RSV1000R Haga Replica

In Italy, Less than 5k, Sport by Abhi0 Comments

Normally, a company releases a limited edition to celebrate a specific achievement like a certain amount of victories or an anniversary. For some reason, Aprilia decided to release just 300 bikes patterned after Noriyuki Haga’s WSBK Aprilia, though he was never able to finish better than runner-up over a season. To be fair, he placed 2nd three times, and it’s …

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1969 Triumph Trident

In England, Sport by Tom Wacker0 Comments

Post Sale Update: This Trident sold for $12,000 after 28 bids on eBay. I wrote up a Trident earlier this month, and under ordinary circumstances wouldn’t even consider doing another so soon. The compelling reasons for doing this one are: 1: It is the very rare early 1969 model, one of the first 200. 2: I know the collection this …

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1955 AJS Model 20

In England, Sport by Abhi0 Comments

When Triumph announced the ‘Speed Twin’ in 1938 AMC (Associated Motor Cycles) knew they needed a twin for their AJS and Matchless lines. Though development started almost immediately, WWII pushed the introduction to 1948 for the AJS Model 20 and the Matchless G9. AMC improved on the Triumph design in several ways, not the least of which was a third …

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320 Miles – 2007 Honda Interceptor 25th Anniversary

In Japan, Sport by Joe0 Comments

The trouble with collectable vehicles is that one never knows for certain which vehicles will actually end up being collectable. Some are more obvious candidates simply by nature of low production numbers or astronomical price (or both) but it’s often a crap shoot with more pedestrian cars and bikes. Honda’s Anniversary Edition VFR800 is a perfect example.