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Incomplete Restoration – 1973 Benelli SS250 SuperSport

In Italy, Less than 5k, Standard by Abhi0 Comments

In 1962, Benelli and Motobi merged, and Benelli acquired Motobi’s engine designs in the process. Over time, the Motobi motor evolved into 175, 200, and then 250cc variants. Like General Motors did with Chevy/Oldsmobile/Pontiac etc, Benelli and Motobi practiced a bit of brand engineering: the Motobi motor ended up powering a motorcycle known in the US as the SuperSport and …

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Early BMW Hybrid – 1983 BMW R80ST

In Germany, Less than 5k, Standard by Ted Clough0 Comments

The R80ST was the street-only version of the R80GS. It had slightly different styling, and the seat was slightly lower. It used the same air-cooled boxer twin engine with a dry clutch that put out 50hp at 6500 rpm. The 5-speed tranny drove the rear through the same Monolever shaft drive. Wheels were 19″ front, 18″ rear, for the street.

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Rare in the US – 1983 Honda CX650ED Eurosport

In Japan, Standard by Abhi0 Comments

Post Listing Update: This Eurosport was pulled off of eBay, final sale price unknown. Introduced in 1983, the Honda CX650ED (also called the Eurosport) was never officially sold in the US. Now you can enjoy 80s styling without the joy of boost that the CX650T afforded Americans! While the Turbo might be more fun, these are seriously rare in the …

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1967 Wards Riverside 250 Benelli

In America, Italy, Standard by Tom Wacker0 Comments

If you grew up in the 1950s and ‘60s rural America (like I did) one of the really big things to watch for was the current editions of the Montgomery Wards and Sears catalogs. You could buy ANYTHING by mail from these two giant retailers. And you could certainly tell the interests of the whole family by the worn sections …

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1962 Honda CA77 Dream

In Japan, Standard by Tom Wacker0 Comments

Some bikes are pretty recognizable, and even more are very easy to date to a decade. The Honda CA72 and CA77 are pretty easy. There can be no doubt they belong to the 1960s and the Dreams have a pretty easily recognized profile. The CA (American) series was the first ‘large displacement’ twins that Honda mass exported starting in 1961. …

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Ducati Motor – 1976 Condor A350

In Standard by Abhi0 Comments

“Swiss Army Knife” is a term given to something versatile. So what would a Swiss Army Bike be like? In this case, it’s made by a company called Condor and it features a Ducati motor. Condor actually started producing bikes for the Swiss military back in 1893, but the A350 was built between ’73 and ’79. 3,000 were produced, and …

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1953 BSA B33

In England, Standard by Tom Wacker0 Comments

Post Sale Update: This B33 sold for $8,853.53 after 20 bids on eBay. I look at this and other classic British singles, and I know I see something that isn’t really there. Like a dream, or maybe an icon, that is honored in my mind. If not common Brit singles were at least routine when I started riding in the …

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Be a Hero – 2009 Suzuki SFV650 Gladius

In Japan, Less than 5k, Standard by Abhi0 Comments

Suzuki introduced the Gladius as a replacement for the very successful SV650. While it was an objectively better bike in most ways, the American market did not take kindly to it and it was recently replaced with…the SV650 again. Apparently Suzuki sold at least one Gladius, because someone is trying to sell his and he’s resorted to trying to convince …

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1968 BSA B25 Starfire

In England, Standard by Tom Wacker0 Comments

Introduced in 1968, the BSA B25/Triumph TR25 was another ‘badge engineered’ entry from the brain trust at BSA/Triumph. The two models were mechanically the same with only trim and badging to differentiate between the two. The B25 Starfire was essentially a C15 wrapped in handsome new trim. Somewhat underpowered, somewhat ‘fiddly’ it was the quintessential English 250 CC single. Very …

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1951 TWN Triumph BDG 250

In England, Germany, Standard by Tom Wacker0 Comments

In 1886 Siegfried Bettmann founded Triumph Bicycle factory in Coventry, England. They would go on to make more than a few motorcycles, part of the fabric of motorcycle history. In 1896 Herr Bettmann founded another bicycle factory in his native Nuerenberg, Germany and it was also Triumph Bicycle. By 1902 Triumph (England) started making motorcycles and Triumph (Germany) started in …