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Last year, I got my first experience with RawHyde, and it was an absolute eye-opener. Nathan and I actually started calling it a cult because everyone that goes seems to fall in love, and a staggering percentage of their employees are former students that wanted to get involved. It’s short notice, but this weekend RawHyde is hosting their biggest event of the year – Adventure Days. If you’ve ever considered exploring on ADV bikes and you’re nearby their Southern California facility in Castaic, you owe yourself a visit to check out the event.

Nathan and I went specifically for some classes so we could learn how to do stuff like this:

But “Adventure Days” is about more than just instruction – you should consider it a taste of the ADV community. RawHyde calls it “part Rally, part Expo, and part Trade Show.” There’ll be demo rides, lots of vendors, new friends, and if my experience from last time is to be trusted, lots of great food and drinks.

Part of the goal is to introduce adventure riding to motorcyclists who typically stay on-road, which is why Jim Hyde (the owner of RawHyde) is specifically reaching out with videos like this:

I unfortunately have a scheduling conflict, otherwise I’d be there myself because I had an absolute blast the last time I was at Jim’s facility. If you’re interested, head on over to the RawHyde site to learn more or sign up!

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