Citroen 2CV in Slovenia – 2013 Custom Build

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Post Listing Update: The seller keeps relisting this bike at a BIN of $11,000 but no one’s buying. Shame.

Does the name Emile Leray mean anything to you? He’s a French guy who foolishly ignored a military roadblock in northwest Africa and ended up crashing his Citroen 2CV into a rock while crossing the desert. Using a hacksaw and the contents of a ‘basic toolbox’, he then converted his 2CV into a motorcycle and rode it out of the desert to safety. Why do I bring all this up? Because Emile’s crazy conversion was built out of necessity. On the other hand, this featured bike was also built out of a 2CV, but I don’t know what the builder’s crazy justification was in this case!

The bike is called “Elefant” for semi-obvious reasons, and it features the engine, transmission, suspension, brakes, and even more parts from a Citroen 2CV. The seller has covered over 6,000 miles with it in the last three years, and the sale includes a custom trailer.

Find this 2-wheeled insanity for sale in Slovenska Bistrica, Slovenia with a BIN of $11,000

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