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Moto-personality Alicia “The MotoLady” Elfving has teamed up with Sofi Tsingos of GT Moto to create this gorgeous, heavily-customized 2014 MV Agusta Brutale 800 that can be yours for as little as $25. Instead of just building another bad-ass build in today’s world that’s oversaturated with Instagram-worthy modern customs, Alicia and Sofi did something really cool (and admirable), they set out to create a charity build that would be sold off via raffle with 100% of the proceeds going to St. Jude’s Research Hospital, home to one of the world’s largest pediatric-cancer research facilities. Fittingly the build is being referred to as “The GT Moto Lady”, a combination of both women’s brands.

Starting with the stock Brutale 800, Alicia first sketched out some basic renderings before her and Sofi tinkered with the design and worked until achieving the concept we now see today. The MV was stripped down to make room for all of Sofi’s beautiful hand-made aluminum custom parts which would include the entire tail section, tank, bodywork and front/nose section. Sofi expressed how the tank was the hardest part of the build to complete and with all the different lines making up the aggressive looking shape, I don’t doubt that for a minute. “The bike is fuel-injected and has a massive fuel-pump that we had to work around” said Tsingos.

The hand-worked tail section is completely custom though it manages to nonetheless house the Brutale’s stock tail-light. The bike’s custom aluminum flat-tracker style front section fits the JW Speaker LED headlight, though Alicia asked me to mention that it’s not exactly street legal but neither are a lot of the things that this three-cylinder beast will tempt you to do.

The wheels on the build came from a MV Dragster and were completely taken apart and power-coated/painted, a great touch considering the bike’s single-sided-swing-arm draw attention to the “floating” rear-wheel (they were then trued by Woody’s Wheel Works). The custom seat on the machine was done by the folks over at XTreme upholstery.

Because the Brutale is such a strong performer, the two opted not to mess with its suspension or power plant. Why fix what isn’t broken? Leaving these areas alone would also allow the owner to easily make their own modifications without some of the headaches that come with owning (and maintaining) a heavily customized machine. This was the reason given for leaving the stock exhaust on the bike as well as this would require messing with the fuel mapping and whatnot, though I personally love how the stock triple-pipe looks on the Brutale (or F3, etc).

A huge part of what made their endeavor so cool was that every custom or aftermarket part on the build was donated, as were the welding, fabrication and upholstery work, and most importantly, the very bike itself meaning every dime raised goes straight to St. Jude’s. (Very cool of MV to donate the base/donor machine so kudos to them as well. Raffle tickets for this incredible custom Brutale start at only $25 (or 5 for $100 + higher bulk rates) but as of Saturday, May 13th, aka today, it’s the last day to buy your ticket so act fast or regret it later. Either you donate money to a great cause, or you take home the most under-priced bike of all time that happens to be pretty damn awesome.

Alicia and Sofi did a fantastic job documenting every phase of this seriously-cool project, you can look at photos and read about whatever stage you’re curious about on Alicia’s website.

You can buy tickets here, but hurry!

Ticket prices are as follows:
1 Ticket $25.00 USD
2 Tickets $50.00 USD
3 Tickets $75.00 USD
5 Tickets $100.00 USD
10 Tickets $200.00 USD
15 Tickets $300.00 USD
20 Tickets $400.00 USD
25 Tickets $500.00 USD
75 Tickets $1,000.00 USD

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