Excuse the Photos – 1998 Buell S3T Defender

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Post-Sale Update: After just 2 bids on eBay, this Buell S3T Defender sold for $2,751.02.

Because I’m very dependent on the seller when it comes to quality photos, I’ll never pretend that the photos of bikes I feature are as nice as what you’ll see on BikeEXIF. I usually avoid listing a bike with terrible photos, but I have to make an exception for something as rare and unique as the Buell S3T Defender.

Buell S3T Defender - Front

Built as a demonstration police bike, I’ve got wildly varying numbers of how many were produced (I’ve seen claims as low as 12). Others say that the South Carolina Highway Patrol used them in the early ’00s. Either way, the Defender is an interesting take on the S3T Thunderbolt that you definitely will not see every day – even die hard Buell fans are relatively in the dark on this one. Want to learn more? This thread on Bad Weather Bikers is probably your best bet for photos and short tidbits of information.

Bonus: Buell made Police versions of several bikes. Below see a lineup (left to right) of the Peace Keeper, Enforcer, and Defender.

From: http://www.badweatherbikers.com/buell/messages/4062/160826.html

From: http://www.badweatherbikers.com/buell/messages/4062/160826.html

This specific Buell S3T Defender (VIN: 4mzfs11j1w3100466), if you can somehow see it among all the trash (who thinks this is a decent way to sell a bike?), has 18,776 miles and is claimed to be in good shape. Frankly, this is a bike that I would have to get inspected before buying, but it’s worth looking into. Issues are supposedly limited to some scratches, the need for turn signal lenses, and possibly the rear brake? It also seems to be missing the lower side fairings that actually say “Defender” on them.

Buell S3T Defender - Rear Side

Find this Buell S3T Defender for sale in Washburn, North Dakota with an opening bid of $2,500

Buell S3T Defender - Left Side

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