Exquisite Trike – 1898 De Dion Bouton 1 3/4hp Tricycle

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Post Listing Update: 74 bids got the action up to $38,233 but that wasn’t enough to meet reserve. It was later relisted with an opening bid of $52,000 and that got no interest.

This is the oldest vehicle I’ve ever had the pleasure of sharing on this site, and it’s an absolute beauty.


At the end of the 1800s, it wasn’t clear if the future of powered transport was going to be with steam, electricity, or the eventual winner of internal combustion. De Dion and Bouton went with the last option, and in the process the French company developed the world’s first high revving engines. The firm was mostly known for their automobiles and railcars, but between their existence of 1883 and 1932, they had a brief fling as the world’s largest automobile manufacturer and they had a trend-setting tricycle which featured a Decauville frame and Michelin tires. This specific example is a 1.75 horsepower model, but by the time that they killed this model in 1901 it was pushing out a whopping 2.75 ponies. Racing models were producing approximately 6 horsepower!


The seller says this bike is in “stunning and authentic conditions” after spending over 20 years in a family’s private collection in France over over 2 decades. He or she is lucky enough to be able to ride this beauty every week on a “little tour”, and the seller says “everything runs perfectly.” Find this De Dion Bouton for sale in Albiano d’Ivrea, Italy with bidding having just started at $70.69

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