Harley Davidson Hummer Collection

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Post Sale Update: After being relisted, this entire collection of 12 Hummers sold for $24,999.

Harley Davidson built the Hummer model from 1955 to 1959. It was a stripped down model that used a 125 CC two stroke for power. But there is much more to the story. Harley Davidson, BSA and a Soviet company were awarded the design of the DKW 125cc two stroke single motorcycle design as part of WWII reparations. All three built full on copies of the bike and sold them domestically.

Harley brought out the S-125 in 1948, replaced it with the Model 165 in 1953. In 1955 they introduced the Hummer with the old 125cc motor. The Super 10 replaced both the model 165 and the Hummer in 1960 which was followed by the Ranger, the Pacer and the Scat in 1962. 1966 saw the last of the HD single two strokes in the Bobcat which was a one year only model as was the Ranger.

Though the Hummer (named for a leading dealer) was only from ‘55 to ‘59 the whole run of two stroke singles has grown to be known as ‘Hummers’.

The HD ‘Hummer’ line up went through many changes over the 18 year run. It started with a girder and friction (rubber band) front suspension which became hydraulic in ‘51. 1953 saw the 165cc and ‘55 a very stripped down 125cc variant (the Hummer). 1962 saw an increase to 175 CC. The 1966 Bobcat had ABS resin single piece body work that covered the tank and rear fender. It also supported the seat.

This collection from Chillicothe, Ohio has 12 (twelve) Hummers in it, including two Bobcats and at least two with the girder front suspension, both of which are said to be rare. There is clearly something for every Hummer lover in this collection which comes with a spare ‘46 basket case and a Yamaha dirt bike. This is a real ‘grab bag’ collection and is priced at $30,000 Buy It Now and has the Make an Offer option

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