Hector Barbera’s Ride – Avintia GP14 2014 Kawasaki MotoGP Bike

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MotoGP bikes are the pinnacle of cutting edge motorcycles. These are literally the best and most advanced two-wheelers on earth. Every component of these bikes are state-of-the-art, the absolute best of the best, period. Even a gearbox on many of these machines can cost upwards of $100k. These are the best motorcycles money can buy and millions are often spent on the development of these cutting edge bikes.

This 2014 Grand Prix machine was built by Akira Racing Corporation for Kawasaki to be used by the Avintia Racing Team for the 2014 season, being piloted by Hector Barbera. This bike was dubbed the Avintia GP14 (or AMGP544) and is a prime example of a bike that is in the category of most advanced in the world. While there wasn’t great success for the (team), these bikes are nonetheless mind blowing. Kawasaki is the only major manufacturer in the sportbike market (aside from BMW) that is not currently competing in the premier class (MotoGP), making this bike even more special due to the fact more units or future models, at least of this bike, won’t ever be produced again.

The specs and components on this machine are unsurprisingly all the very best of the best. The 1000cc four-stroke engine with Kawasaki pneumatic valves makes 250hp+ at 18,000RPM. Components include a cutting edge SC Project exhaust, Ohlins steering damper, 16.5″ Marchesini wheels and HM quick shifter. All the electronics onboard are all MotoGP spec Magneti Marelli; Data acquisition, ECU, race display, wiring and electrical. All together the Kawa GP14 clocks in at only 320 pounds.

The suspension on this bike is made up of MotoGP-spec fully-adjustable Showa rear-shock and front fork. The entire braking system consists of Brembo components; Front and rear brake master cylinders, levers, front and rear calipers with a carbon front disk. The grips and clip-ons are from Domino and the lever-guard is a Rizoma.

Buying a retired MotoGP machine is incredibly difficult and in many cases impossible. Not only are bikes sold from factory teams down to satellite teams, but these machines possess historical significance with many of them winding up on display at manufacturers HQ and museums. Even for the machines that can be sold to a private buyer, they won’t sell a MotoGP bike to just anyone. You have to be on a company’s exclusive list, (the same type of exclusive list that would give you access to a homologation special like the Ducati SuperLeggera or BMW HP4 Race) and even then, it often takes knowing the right person to make the sale happen.

There’s a pretty extreme liability selling a 250hp race bike to just anyone so companies are careful about who they’ll sell to, some even stipulate in the sale that the bike can’t be ridden, only displayed. These same companies also don’t want a buyer to wreck one of these machines, destroying a piece of said company’s tangible race history.

The GP14 has 1800 on the odometer, though it doesn’t specify if that’s kilometers or miles. It says it got its last service at 1800km so we can assume that’s the total mileage on the machine. The only thing this bike needs to race is the ECU software as these bikes are basically run off of laptops nowadays, but by purchasing software this bike would be ready to ride. The sale also includes a full set of fairings, exhaust, steel front-disks and the certificate of authenticity. (It doesn’t say but I’d be willing to bet it comes with stands as well).

So this Avintia GP14 bike is a rare opportunity for anyone who has the money to buy one of the best bikes on earth. Find this ultra-rare example for sale in Barcelona, Spain at GP Motorbikes. Like any ultra-exclusive machine like this you have to inquire about the price but as the saying goes: if you have to ask…

UPDATE: Tim found that the asking price is €80,000, or $88,836.

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