June 2017 Result Highlights

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Last month we featured some great bikes – but did they sell? And if so, for how much?

This list will only include listings from eBay (or other auction sites). I unfortunately have no way of finding out final sale prices of bikes offered on Craigslist/Cycle Trader/Kijiji/etc. With that said, here are some highlights from last month:

Ending Soon – 1968 Minarelli P4 Competizione – sold for $4,651 after 27 bids on eBay in Tarzana, California.

4 Miles – 2002 Moto Guzzi V11 Le Mans – sold for $8,000 after 22 bids on eBay in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania.

El Diablo – 1981 Moto Guzzi CX100 Custom – sold for $9,500 in Lafayette, Colorado on Bring a Trailer.

No Reserve – 2007 KTM 300 XC-W – after 70 bids on eBay, this KTM sold for $3,000 in Loveland, Colorado.

Unexpected Custom – 1993 Suzuki GN125 – after 2 bids on eBay, this sold for $975 in Duluth, Minnesota.

German Market Import – 1980 BMW R80 – sold for $4,250 after just 2 bids on eBay in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Mandello del Lario Mutt – 1975 Moto Guzzi 1000 – with some frenetic last-hour bidding, this Guzzi sold for $7,300 in Salt Lake City, Utah on Bring a Trailer.

390 Miles – 1979 Honda CB650 – I don’t have an official sale price for this just yet, but I do know the asking price was $4,995 and that this bike just sold to a Bike-urious reader in England! More on that story coming soon…

The First Ducati Model – 1946 Ducati Cucciolo T1 – sold for $5,676 after 28 bids on eBay in Tarzana, California.

Of the bikes that did not sell, here are some examples that I thought were noteworthy:
LC Fabrications Build – 2006 Triumph TT Deluxe – the opening ask for bidding was $24,999, and that proved to be too much as it got no interest (it was later relisted at the same price with the same result).

TD2 Style – 1970 Yamaha DS7 Racer – bidding stalled at $3,550 in Vista, California.

In Italy – 2006 Moto Guzzi MGS-01 Corsa – 30 bids on eBay got up to $22,300 in Piano, Italy, but that wasn’t enough to meet reserve.

Built for Shaq – 2001 West Coast Choppers El Diablo – got 70 bids up to $44,100, but that was not enough to meet reserve.

1 of 12 – 2009 NCR Ducati Mike Hailwood TT – did not meet reserve at $74,600 after 30 bids on eBay in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Daytona 200 History – 1974 Yamaha TZ750A – did not meet reserve with bidding up to $40,000 in Fayetteville, Arkansas.

What surprised you? I thought the TD2/DS7 racer would get more action, and I didn’t think El Diablo would fetch $9.5k.

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