MPS Build – Honda CRF450 with CR500 Engine

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MPS (Motorsports Products & Services) is the brainchild of George Fanelli, who creates aluminum framed two stroke MX bikes. Want a Kawi KX 500 motor in a modern four stroke frame? A Yamaha 500 two-stroke in a YZ250F frame? MPS has done it before. Here’s one of their Honda builds – a legendary 2001 CR500 motor in a 2007 CRF450 frame.

I should make it clear from the beginning that opinions of MPS vary highly on the internet. A quick web search will find people that are very happy with the conversions, while others show examples of shoddy welds and generally odd workmanship. As always, do your research! This example has 6 hours (3 hours were break-in) since a “full rebuild.” The seller had a crash on a separate bike in which he broke a femur and both ankles, and now he can’t kick start a bike. So this custom needs a new owner. The potential for an open-class 2-stroke motor in a modern 4-stroke frame is high, and it’s why companies like Service Honda are darlings in the MX community. This could be a great deal if you’re able to take a close look at the bike in advance and verify that it’s put together well.

Find this Honda hybrid for sale north of Denver, Colorado for $4,200 here on ADVRider (registration required).

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