Needs Work – 1970 Cushman Trackster

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Post Listing Update: This Trackster did not meet reserve with 10 bids up to $1,215.

In 1970, Cushman introduced the Trackster – a skid steer all terrain vehicle the likes of which have never been built since. Unfortunately, this example is not running and will need some work but I’m hoping someone out there is brave enough to give it a shot.

Cushman Trackster - Front

Powered by an Outboard Marine Corporation 25 horsepower two stroke engine, the Trackster could carry 800 pounds and climb over 45 degree grades. Top speed was 16 miles per hour (7 mph in reverse) and Cushman offered accessories like a windshield, trailer, and extra seats. One of the options was actually a completely different body called the flotation ring – it was filled with foam so that you could float on water and presumably still get some sort of forward drive from the tracks. It was called the “Marsh model”, and that’s what we have in front of us today. For more on the Trackster, check out this website dedicated to the model.

Cushman Trackster - Dashboard

The seller of this Trackster can’t get it started, and he correctly points out that the fiberglass body needs repair – I wouldn’t try floating with this one! Still, find it for sale with an unmet opening bid of $500 or a BIN of $4,000

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