Never Started But Ending Soon – 1974 MZ TS250

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Post Sale Update: After 18 bids on eBay, this TS250 sold for $2,550.

Even though it’s 43 years old, this MZ TS250 is said to have never been started. Instead, it’s “been preserved in a film layer of oil all over the bike for about all of its years.” It’s not perfect but I can’t say I remember seeing a nicer cosmetic example of this model.

The MZ TS250 features a 2 stroke 250cc single cylinder engine that produces 19 horsepower, which was enough to get this bike up to a top speed of 79 miles per hour. With that said, anecdotes I’ve seen online suggest that above 60, this bike doesn’t feel very happy. For more on the TS250, check out this profile from Real Classic. The last time I featured one of these, Paul d’Orleans said he once rode one from London to the border of the Soviet Union a few decades ago. I sincerely hope someone snaps this up and rides it across the country.

This example (VIN: 3571871) has been relatively well-preserved thanks to the bath of oil – the crankcase is apparently still full of oil “to preserve the main seals.” It’s been in storage since 1974 and it needs a few minor things like the lid for the tool box built into the back of the seat. The original tires are still on the bike and while they don’t show any symptoms of dry cracking, the front tire does have a flat spot. The original battery is also included, and it’s never been filled with acid.

Find this MZ for sale in Chicora, Pennsylvania with bidding up to $2,500

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