New Year’s Eve in La Paz, Mexico – Day 3

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Welcome back for Day 3 of my trip to La Paz – just be warned that there’s no riding today.

I’m not much of a morning person, but it’s hard not to be happy when you wake up to this.

A couple of friends and I woke up early and decided to go for a walk on the beach. We explored one of the condos that’s been stalled in construction for over 2 years. The entire complex was nearly empty so you could explore to your heart’s content.

2 years of oxidation, summed up in a few nails.

We managed to get the roof and were rewarded with a pleasant view of the bay.

All of this equipment has been here for over 2 years…management at this place has been falling apart. This is such an odd community – here’s a website for it if you want to know more.

Saw a puffer fish past its prime…

..then a crow got to it.

This was in the back of a golf cart – even the locals can’t stand the dirt road into the community.

Around noon, we all split up as we had errands to run – I went to pick up Vy from the airport, some people went on a grocery/booze run, and the others went to figure out our plans for the boat rental the next day. Off the docks we went!

Enjoying the view on the water shuttle. It’s about a 8 minute ride from the resort to the city.

A guy on the shuttle with us was already going to the airport. He was super nice – he took me to the airport and offered to bring Vy and I back, saving me over $100 in taxi charges! On the way, I noticed a Police Suzuki V-Strom – the same bike that Mike was riding on the way down.

Waiting in the La Paz airport for the girlfriend.

Enjoying a margarita in the hot tub.

Bonus food photos – I got a chile relleno.

And we split a shrimp cocktail. Yum.

Continue on to Day 4!

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