New Year’s Eve in La Paz, Mexico – Day 4

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New Year’s Eve rolled around, and we decided to enjoy the day with a boat ride before presumably getting drunk for the usual celebrations. I promise after this we get back on the road for some more riding.

We hopped on the shuttle, which took us to the lovely Malecon. Here’s one of the many sculptures on the boardwalk.

Even though I’ve lived in Los Angeles for 10 years, it’s still weird seeing a Christmas theme next to palm trees.

Another statue.

We meet up with Gustavo and discuss the plan for the day. Vy’s dragging a cooler around full of lunch and beer.

Gustavo has notes from most of his trips, explaining where sightings have been.

Saw some dolphins…

…and some whale sharks.

Just look at the color of the water!

More dolphins.

We also got to see some sea lions.

Apparently the locals call this ‘bird poop island’

More sea lions.

We stopped at a semi-private beach for lunch.

Hiked up a bit of the beach and got most of the group (and the boat crew) in a shot.

Enjoying some Noche Buena! It’s a seasonal beer that came highly recommended. It is easily the best Mexican beer I’ve ever had.

We gave Gustavo a couple of our beers to enjoy.

After the snorkeling, we decided to ride some bicycles around. However, much like the rest of this place, the bikes were 85% functional. They worked, but the tires were too flat. I saw Mark again (I had met him the previous day when we were discussing motorcycles) as he was putting his father-in-law to work, installing a winch on his truck. He kindly let me borrow an air compressor and an allen wrench to lower one of the seats, and we were good to go.

Got to a viewing tower and decided to pull over.

After the bike ride we tried to go kayaking and it was…a massive failure. We decided to walk on the beach and try to explore that stalled building to catch the sunset.

I tried to cause some mischief, but it seemed that the power had been cut to the crane a while ago. Also, the instructions were in German, which is a bit of a dealbreaker.

We explored the backside of the condos – Vy noticed that the huge crane had a giant bird’s nest on the end of it.

She remarked that it looked like she was in a wasteland scene and was about to get attacked by zombies.

Golf cart graveyard! I feel like this is a pretty appropriate metaphor for the resort itself.

To protect the innocent, there aren’t any photos from New Year’s Eve festivities – but we had to prep for a early morning back on the road.

Continue on to Day 5!

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