New Year’s Eve in La Paz, Mexico – Day 5

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We had to take off early in the morning to start our trip back to Los Angeles. I wasn’t looking forward to taking the sandy Mogote road back while going 2-up on street tires, so I arranged to have a water taxi take the bike across into the city. Plus, how often do you get to say you put your motorcycle on a water taxi?

Waiting at the docks for the water taxi…unfortunately it seems my Spanish isn’t perfect and I apparently requested a boat that wasn’t big enough to load the bike in. Oops.

That meant we had to take the dirt road back. Poor bike.

Taking a break.

About 10 miles of washboard. One of the local residents said that he takes an hour and a half to do it in his motorhome because he can’t go any faster without shaking apart his rig.

We get to the end of the dirt road only to find the gate at the security checkpoint is…shut. Thankfully, it wasn’t locked, and we were quickly moving again.

Someone had some fun with the cow warning signs.

Jokes aside, wildlife on/near the road can be a problem, and you always have to be scanning for it.

Got lunch at a taco stand.

We study the map to see where we can end up tonight.

The question you get at every taco stand – Maize or harina? (Corn or flour)

What a name. (Armageddon)

Every time I ride into Baja, I get feedback from people who think it’s dangerous and the roads must be crap. Every once in a while you get some construction, but the main road down Baja is absolutely fantastic – high speed sweepers all over the place (just watch out for cows in the middle of the road!)

One of many amazing beach communities just off the main road – I look forward to retiring here.

We stopped in Mulege, which is quite beautiful and looks like it’s surrounded by a jungle. This is the old mission.

The bike has served us well so far.

Santa Rosalia is a historic mining town, but there’s not much else to enjoy here.

One of the attendees at the NYE party recommended Ignacio Springs Bed & Breakfast to us as a good stopover on our way up. They were totally right. It was run by two pleasant Canadians, Terry and Gary. Unfortunately, it seems like Hurricane Odile caused a lot of damage last fall – I’m hoping they can recover soon.

Can’t say I get to ride on seashells every day…

Drinks and such are done on the honor system. Vy tallied up my Pacifico.

The sunset to close out this day on the road.

The yurt.

Terry made us a wonderful home-cooked dinner.

With a dessert to boot!

My favorite kind of parking spot – my motorcycle next to a yurt in Mexico.

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