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1975 Bultaco Pursang 250 Mk8

In Off-Road, Spain by Abhi0 Comments

Originally formed in 1959, Bultaco was created primarily by former employees of the Montesa racing department. With time, Bultaco became known for off-road competition bike, and their most popular in the US was the Pursang. Bultaco offered the Pursang in engine sizes ranging from 125cc to 370cc before the first closure of the factory in 1979.

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1951 Indian Brave

In America, England, Standard by Tom Wacker0 Comments

Did you know that you have 11 choices to describe your personal relationship on Facebook? And that one of them is “It’s complicated”? I’d really like to give you a background and lineage on this Indian Brave but, well, it’s complicated. If anybody has a definitive history of the Indian Brave, I’d love to know. I’ll tell you what I …

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Guess That Bike – Police Chase Video Edition

In Guess That Bike by Abhi0 Comments

This isn’t very difficult, I just wanted an excuse to share this video. Ignoring how illegal it is, how many times have you wanted to just take your dirt bike and go…wherever? Apparently this all started because the rider did not yield at a traffic stop, and then he made his day a lot worse: Can you guess that bike?

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Last Iron Barrel – 2008 Royal Enfield Bullet 500

In England, Standard by Abhi0 Comments

Classic Motorworks is moving to Fort Worth, Texas, and it looks like the owner is using the move as an opportunity to sell some stuff. One of the things he’s getting rid of is the last 500cc iron barrel Bullet ever built. According to the seller, Classic Motorworks was the exclusive importer and distributor for Royal Enfield in the USA …

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1950 Moto Guzzi Ercole

In 3 Wheels, Italy by Abhi0 Comments

Ercole is Italian for Hercules – an appropriate name for this vintage three-wheeler that could carry nearly a ton of weight in the hydraulic bed. Some models came with a cab that could fit three, though this example was designed for a solo rider that would have to brave the weather.

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1999 Cagiva Gran Canyon

In Dual-Sport, Italy, Less than 5k by Ted Clough0 Comments

Cagiva is an Italian motorcycle manufacturer. It’s history would make a great basis for an Italian Motorcycle-themed soap opera. Giovanni Castiglioni and his sons ran the business out of Varese, Italy. Over the years there were deals involving a used Aermacchi/Harley Davidson factory, a buyout of Ducati in 1985, and later buyouts of Moto Morini and Husqvarna. Most of these …

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1946 Ariel Red Hunter 350

In England, Standard, Vintage by Ted Clough0 Comments

We recently featured one of these in December, so it is a little unusual to see another pop up on Craigslist. Maybe the owner got motivated after the recent auctions, as some of the older, collectible bikes were fetching serious money, especially the pre-war American twins. Alas, this is neither pre-war, a twin, or American, but that makes it more …

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1971 Triumph T25

In Dual-Sport, England by Abhi0 Comments

I find Triumph’s “Blazer” series of the T25 a tad confusing, as there’s a few versions with minor differences. Because this example does not have a handlebar brace, my guess would be that it’s the T25SS, or the regular Street Scrambler. It’s missing the distinctive original exhaust but this bike is being sold by a friend of mine that I …

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Well-Modified – 2004 KTM 950 Adventure S

In Austria, Dual-Sport by Abhi0 Comments

A colleague of mine in the motorcycle industry is picking up a KTM Super Adventure T, so his well-modified 950 Adventure S has to go to a new owner. The bike is named Aretha (after Aretha Franklin) and it’s very well setup for someone who wants to get into adventure touring for a reasonable price.

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Pretty in Purple – 1973 Kawasaki H2

In Japan, Sport by Tom Wacker0 Comments

1973 was a very momentous year for me personally. I got married (for the first time) in June and in July I got one of the worst motorcycle injuries of my career falling off an H2. We were a couple of dreamers. She dreamed that she could drag my country farm boy butt into polite society, and I dreamed that …

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1972 Harley Davidson Shortster

In America, Italy, Less than 5k, Small Displacement by Tom Wacker0 Comments

In 1972 Harley (Aermacchi) introduced the 65 CC Shortster minibike. It was an apparent attempt by Harley to get kids on a HD and get them dreaming of the big bike. One advertisement showed a youngster standing with his minibike by a pond. The reflection in the water was a Sportster. The 1972 Shortster was a one year offering. The …