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1986 Moto Guzzi V65 TT

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TT stands for Tutto Terreno – and that translates to All Terrain. Think of this as Moto Guzzi’s entrant into the market of big dualies that BMW invented with the GS. With the proven V65 engine and Tonti frame coming together in a package that was only about 400 pounds wet, the TT had some potential.

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1955 AJS Model 20

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When Triumph announced the ‘Speed Twin’ in 1938 AMC (Associated Motor Cycles) knew they needed a twin for their AJS and Matchless lines. Though development started almost immediately, WWII pushed the introduction to 1948 for the AJS Model 20 and the Matchless G9. AMC improved on the Triumph design in several ways, not the least of which was a third …

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320 Miles – 2007 Honda Interceptor 25th Anniversary

In Japan, Sport by Joe0 Comments

The trouble with collectable vehicles is that one never knows for certain which vehicles will actually end up being collectable. Some are more obvious candidates simply by nature of low production numbers or astronomical price (or both) but it’s often a crap shoot with more pedestrian cars and bikes. Honda’s Anniversary Edition VFR800 is a perfect example.

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1986 Moto Guzzi 1000 Cafe Racer

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3-15-2017 Update: Looks like that sale from a few months ago did not go through, because the bike is back up for sale. Find it with bidding up to $5,000 and the reserve not yet met here on eBay. Post Sale Update: This Guzzi cafe sold for $7,100 after 21 bids on eBay. Built by Unique Cycles out of Monrovia, …

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1978 Harley Davidson MX-250

In America, Off-Road by Tom Wacker0 Comments

In 1961 Harley Davidson purchased 50% of Aermacchi Motorcycles (Italy) and began importing them in an effort to capture younger riders. The MX 250 was among the last of these, and by all reports, not a bad dirt squirter. In fact, Harley Davidson won the motorcycle division of the Baja 500 in 1975 with an SX 250.

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1983 Benelli Sei 900

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Earlier this week, I featured a 50-mile example of the world’s first production six-cylinder bike, but the asking price was $21,000. Here’s an example that’s got a few more miles (10K), but it’ll hopefully sell for quite a bit less.

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1951 TWN Triumph BDG 250

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In 1886 Siegfried Bettmann founded Triumph Bicycle factory in Coventry, England. They would go on to make more than a few motorcycles, part of the fabric of motorcycle history. In 1896 Herr Bettmann founded another bicycle factory in his native Nuerenberg, Germany and it was also Triumph Bicycle. By 1902 Triumph (England) started making motorcycles and Triumph (Germany) started in …

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Guess That Bike – VJMC Eustis Edition

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David N. was at the VJMC show in Eustis this weekend – he’ll be sharing his thoughts soon but he kindly sent over a stumper of a picture for Guess That Bike. I’d kindly ask anyone who was at this show to recuse themselves from the guessing. Everyone else: what’s this bike?