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2006 Honda NSF100

In Japan, Race, Small Displacement by Abhi0 Comments

Motorcycle racers are all aware of the NSR50, Honda’s beginner race bike that has started plenty of careers and passions. But for one year, just 50 examples of the Honda NSF100 were also imported to the states as one of the best ways to get into road racing.

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OEM Plus – Buell 1125CR Custom

In America, Sport, Touring by Abhi0 Comments

What originally started as a Buell 1125CR has now been turned into a custom sport-tourer thanks to plenty of newer OEM Buell parts. This kind of “OEM+” upgrading tickles my fancy – it’s what my friends and I used to do with 90s Honda’s – though I can’t say our end results were as fast as this bumblebee of a …

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1988 Honda Hawk NT650

In Japan, Standard by Abhi0 Comments

In the late 80s, Honda introduced one of the first modern production naked motorcycles. Though the Honda NT650 (also known as the Hawk) was not a commercial success, it went on to inspire more prevalent motorcycles like the Suzuki SV650N, and has become an absolute cult favorite.

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1971 Triumph Trailblazer T25

In Dual-Sport, England by Abhi0 Comments

5-29 Update: Interestingly enough, the first auction was won at $3,559. However, the bike was relisted and now it’s up to $7,900 with no reserve. Find it here on eBay. The Triumph Trailblazer is a rare dual-sport produced for only a few short years. The twin to the BSA B25, this bike was a long-tailed evolution of the Triumph Cub …

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Aerostich T-Shirt Sale

In Blog by Abhi1 Comment

Instead of featuring a bike for sale, this post is all about apparel. Aerostich has taken up plenty of my closet space with motorcycle gear, but they also have a great collection of motorcycle themed t-shirts. Some are funny, some are serious, but all of them are now 20% cheaper than usual. Click here to check out the inventory. My …

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1954 Honda Juno KA

In Japan, Scooter by Abhi0 Comments

Post-Sale Update: After 3 bids on eBay, this Juno sold for $16,000. Built as a competitor to the successful Fuji Rabbit, the Honda Juno was Honda’s first scooter and was intentionally built to be full of features. You got the first electric starter, a full windscreen with an optional sun visor, and was the first use of FRP (fiber reinforced …

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1987 Moto Morini Excalibur 501 Custom

In Cruiser, Italy by Abhi1 Comment

The 80s were a very low spot for Moto Morini – it marked the stat of several acquisitions, re-launches, and failures. It nearly completely disappeared after being purchased by Cagiva, but the Moto Morini name has managed to live on. The Moto Morini Excalibur was one of the few bikes that made it to the states, an Italian cruiser similar …

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Low Miles – 2002 BMW R1100S

In Germany, Sport by Abhi0 Comments

For a long time, I thought the BMW R1100S was the prettiest bike to come out of Munich for a long, long time. I actually had the pleasure of owning one for a few years, and I thought it was a wonderful, well-balanced road bike. Now’s your chance to partake.

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1996 Moto Guzzi 1100 Sport

In Italy, Sport by Abhi3 Comments

The Moto Guzzi 1100 Sport was a beautiful deviation from what people expect from Guzzi. This is one of the earlier models, which comes with gigantic 40mm Dell’Orto’s instead of electronic injection (denoted as the 1100i). The engine produced 90 horsepower and the 5-speed transmission was geared very tall, so you could hit nearly 140. This also means that when …

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1980 BMW R100 Polizei

In Germany, Standard by Abhi0 Comments

I love the green Polizei livery of German vehicles, so I had to feature this rare BMW R100 Polizei bike. I have to admit, I’m unclear if this is a RS or an RT (though I’d assume the former), so please comment if you know!

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190 Miles – 1982 Honda CX500 Turbo

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The predecessor to the CX650T, the Honda CX500 Turbo was a confusing bike. One of the first of the Japanese turbo bikes, I’m still not sure why Honda wanted to use the CX500 as its’ turbo platform. According to Motorcycle Specs, the small cylinders required the world’s smallest turbocharger, with 51mm rotors that spinned at over 200,000 rpm.

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689 Miles – 1981 Honda CBX SuperSport

In Japan, Touring by Abhi0 Comments

Honda wasn’t actually the first to put a 6-cylinder powerplant in a production motorcycle – Benelli earned that honor with the 750 Sei. Thanks to the modern day Goldwing, the idea of a 6-cylinder Honda isn’t a foreign concept, but it all started with the CBX. Built in response to a horsepower war started by Kawasaki, the CBX packed all …

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1944 BSA WM20

In England, Vintage by Abhi0 Comments

Post Sale Update: After being relisted, this WM20 sold for $6,500 with 41 bids. Built for 18 years, the BSA WM20 was initially considered a failure for military applications by the British, though small evolutions converted it into one of longest serving motorcycles for any military in the world. Over 125,000 of them were used in active service for World …

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2000 Honda RC51 SP1

In Japan, Sport by Abhi0 Comments

A couple of weeks ago, while writing up a CBR600F4 racebike, I mentioned that I’ve been on the hunt for some good RC51s to feature. Reader Zack B has answered my call thanks to this find of a Honda RC51 SP1 that, unlike most, is reasonably priced!