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2012 Triumph T100 Steve McQueen Edition

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Even from the title of this bike, you can guess it’s probably just a paint job and a signature – not that there’s anything wrong with that. Triumph took their T100 Bonneville and then made some cosmetic changes to remind you of McQueen’s TR6 Trophy in The Great Escape. A limited run of just 1,100 were built. Said changes include …

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Needs Some Work – 1968 Bultaco Metralla 250

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Here’s a lovely Metralla that was last ridden in 1994. Despite the 20 year absence from our public roads, it still looks good, and it’s as cheap as I’ve seen a good looking Metralla in a long time. If you’re feeling lucky, maybe you’ll find this won’t need much work at all and you’ll have a classic bike for a …

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Video Intermission – Up in (Pink) Smoke

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I think the Shinko Smoke Bomb was introduced about 3 years ago, but I forgot it existed until a friend reminded me about it this morning. Do you remember? The tire itself was black but when you do a burnout, it would release red, blue, or purple smoke: Relive the glory with this video, and skip to 1:55 if you …

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Crated – 1999 Excelsior Henderson Super X

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In the early 1900s, Excelsior and Henderson were two of America’s best motorcycle manufacturers. Excelsior produced the first motorcycle to official hit 100 miles per hour, while Henderson was producing the favored bikes of America’s police officers. There’s a reason for the similarities – the companies were both bought up by Schwinn in the 1910s, and were shut down in …

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1979 Chrysler Snorunner

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The Chrysler Snorunner has an interesting history – though some people disagree on the actual story. My favorite version is that Chrysler built them for the Army, which was looking for light weight snow transport that could carry a soldier for 30 miles. It wasn’t capable of handling powder snow, so the Army gave up on it. Chrysler decided to …

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Semi-Replica – 1985 Yamaha RD500

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Yamaha’s RD500 was a sportbike that has a special place in the hearts of US 80s 2-stroke fans because it was never officially imported here. Nearly all of the examples you now find were brought in from Canada (where it was called the RZ500, hence the title in the seller’s listing). Here’s an example that has 11,600 miles, just 100 …

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1973 Suzuki GT750

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The Suzuki GT750, also known as the Water Buffalo, was the bike that put Suzuki on the map in the United States. Introduced as competition to the big bikes of the day, like the Honda CB750 and the Triumph Bonneville, this bike was basically a T500 with an extra cylinder and liquid cooling crafted on.

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1975 Laverda SFC Electronica

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Post-Listing Update: After bidding got up to $44,100, the seller pulled the bike off of eBay. Even the “base” SFC 750 is a legendary bike, but near the end of production, it got just a little bit better with the Laverda SFC Electronica. It was named for the incorporation of Bosch electronic ignition, but that wasn’t the extent of the …