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Interview – Frank Charriaut

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Frank Charriaut is a world class designer with experience at Guess, Quiksilver, Roxy, and Chanel. He’s also a former member of the Southsiders MC and founder of The Mot’Art Journal, a “tailored blog” that’s all about sharing his passions (frequently beautiful motorcycles) with the world.

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Start of a Legend – 1995 Triumph Speed Triple

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The Triumph Speed Triple has become quite popular over the last 20 years – in particular it’s become the darling of hooligans and wheelie enthusiasts. And while today’s it’s a no-brainer to recommend a “Striple” to your friends as their next purchase, back when this bike was introduced, no one knew what to expect from Hinckley Triumph.

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1962 Matchless G80CS

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Post Sale Update: After 10 bids, this G80CS sold for $7,500. The pinnacle of the G80 series (except for the super-rare Typhoon G80TCS), the Matchless G80CS was a “Competition Suspension” variant that was designed to race through the dirt – just remove the lights!

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1973 Kawasaki H2 750

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Kawasaki has recently been dropping hints about their upcoming sportbike, the Ninja H2, which will feature a supercharger right from the factory floor. But the reason they chose the H2 name is to pay homage to one of their greatest motorcycles ever, the H2 750. You may also know it by the affectionate nickname, the Widowmaker. Here’s a highly customized …

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Supercharged – 2006 Triumph Rocket III

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The Triumph Rocket III made quite the stir when it first came out in 2004, as it had the largest displacement engine fitted to mass production motorcycle – a whopping 2.3L that put out 140 hp. Fun fact: the STARTER motor on this bike makes as much power as Triumph’s first-ever motorcycle – just about 1.75 horses.

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Video Intermission – MotoGeo Mongolia Adventure

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You ever meet someone who’s doing what you’ve been dreaming of? Once you get over the initial jealousy, it’s incredibly inspiring. This weekend, I went through that exact experience with Jamie Robinson: former motorcycle racer, current founder of MotoGeo, and as you’ll see when you watch his videos – a big fan of giving people a “thumbs up”.

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1940 Indian 440

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Post-Listing Update: This Indian 440 was pulled off eBay due to an ‘error in the listing’. Possibly the most famous of Indian’s pre-WWII bikes, the Indian 440 introduced the distinctive fenders that have survived even to the most recent revival of the marque. The styling was so distinctive that in 2006, the US Postal Service used the 440 as one …

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2004 Honda Rune

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The Honda Rune made a huge splash back in 2004, as Honda brought to market a bike that no one believed would ever make it past concept. Just look at it! I’m still stunned that Honda released this bike, and I’m in love with the rear fender. Though all visual indicators give the impression that this bike is heavily raked …

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Rathmell Rep – 1976 Montesa Cota 348

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Malcolm Rathmell was a champion trials rider who rode a prototype Montesa Cota 348 in the Scottish Six Days Trial in 1975 – he placed second. During his career, he won the British Trails Championship six times in a ten year period, as well as the World Championship in 1974. He went on to start a mail order business in …

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1974 Rokon RT340

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Post-Sale Update: After 15 bids on eBay, this Rokon RT340 sold for $2,449. The Rokon RT340 was a rare ‘one-wheel’ drive bike featuring an automatic transmission from the company best known for making the go-anywhere Trailbreaker. Because of the transmission, you might suspect it was geared (no pun intended) towards beginners who wanted to learn in the dirt without worrying …

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Video Intermission – Honda RC148

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Jesus Christ. Turn your speakers down, because this is just incredible. I wasn’t paying attention the first time I watched this – you hear a tiny idle and I naively thought it was the motorcycle. Then you see that the noise was just a generator for a wheel to bump start the racer. 5 cylinders, each 25cc, could rev up …