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2000 Kawasaki W650

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The Kawasaki W650 is a retro standard that was imported to the US for only 2 years. A reference to the Kawasaki W1, itself a copy of the BSA A7, the newer bike is also inspired by the Triumph Bonneville. The W650 actually preceded the rebirth of the Bonnie and for a brief moment in time in the early 2000s, …

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To the Top of Alaska, Day 21

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June 24th, 2014 – Kalispell, MT to Twin Falls, ID ~575 miles Over the last couple of days, it was clear to me that my alternator was making that squeaking noise you get with a bad belt. I definitely did not have a spare, so Bui and I decided that we’d stop at the next BMW dealership to pick one …

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1 of 3 – 1957 Moto Islo Grand Sport

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Isodoro Lopez was founder of Moto Islo, a Mexican motorcycle company that started by building economical forms of transport, but also ended up partnering with Frank Cooper of Maico fame to create enduros to be imported to the US. But ignore all that for a moment. Lopez was passionate about racing, so he worked to create four racers to compete …

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No Wind – 1973 BMW R75/5

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This BMW R75/5 is an unrestored original example with one of the largest fairings you’ll find – a period Avon unit. It comes with Krauser saddlebags, Reynolds ride-away center stand, and a rare locking fuel tank cap. You’ll also get original paint, the original seat and rear rack, and of course, the toaster tank. Find this BMW R75/5 for sale …

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The First Ducati – 1951 Ducati 60

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I’m sure I’ll get someone who wants to say that the Cucciolo was actually Ducati’s first motorcycle – but that was really just a bicycle with a mounted engine. The evolution of the Cucciolo (which translated to “little puppy”) was the Ducati 60, what the firm considered to be a “light motorcycle”. The next development of the Cucciolo was the …

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1947 Vincent Rapide Series B

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The baby brother to the legendary Black Shadow, the Vincent Rapide was sold from 1936-55 in 3 distinct ‘Series’. The middle run was the Series B, which ended in 1948. The Rapide’s 998cc V-twin was good for 45 horsepower. By the standards of the 50’s, this motorcycle was absolutely incredible. Top speed was about 120 miles per hour, and you …

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Tiny Trellis – 1986 Yamaha SDR 200

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Post Listing Update: This SDR was pulled off of eBay, final sale price unknown. Here’s a bike I’ve never heard of before – the Yamaha SDR 200. Originally built solely for as a JDM bike, a small amount of SDRs turned into grey-market motorcycles and were imported into Europe and the United States.

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1986 Ducati 750 F1

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Post Listing Update: This F1 did not meet reserve despite 5 bids up to $10,655. Ducati’s last stand before being sold to the Castiglioni brothers, the 750F1A featured hand made aluminum tanks, floating rotors, and other features designed to make it a race bike for the street. Raw and uncompromising, it was slightly down on power but an excellent handler …

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1979 Ducati 900 Super Sport Darmah

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Post-Listing Update: Despite bidding up to $15,200 on eBay, this Ducati 900 Super Sport Darmah did not meet reserve. After the classic 750 GT of the 70s, Ducati looked to evolve with a simpler engine, and they ended up with the first ‘square case’ bevel twin – the 860 GT. It was a commercial flop, so just a few years …

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865 Miles – 1981 Honda CBX Supersport

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The Honda CBX only lasted five years, but it led to a new wave of sports-oriented motorcycles, and eventually to the Honda ST series. A 6.1 gallon tank was necessary as the 6 individual carbs and monster power led to just low 20’s miles per gallon. Want to learn more? Check out Motorcycle Classic’s writeup of this legendary bike here. …

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Meet a Reader – Steve Ross

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Steve Ross is an absolute gearhead – once you hear about his collection, you’ll understand why I’m so excited to have him as a reader. After I featured a Moto Guzzi V7 Sport for sale a few weeks ago, Steve added some wise words in a comment that made me think he was worth hearing more from. So I pinged …