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1985 Yamaha RZ350 Kenny Roberts

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Post Sale Update: AFter 41 bids, this Yamaha RZ350 Kenny Roberts did not meet reserve on eBay at $4,650. The last two-stroke officially imported into the US, the Yamaha RZ350 Kenny Roberts is very much a sought-after collectors bike in the US. Only sold in the states from 84-85, these were the first bikes in the US to come equipped …

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2009 Bimota DB7

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Post Sale Update: This Bimota DB7 sold for $20,000 on eBay. The Bimota DB7 continues the Italian company’s ethos of building exquisite frames and bodywork around existing high-performance engines. The first letter of the model name clues you in as to where the engine came from – the “D” in DB7 stands for Ducati.

1973 Honda CR250 Elsinore

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This Honda CR250 Elsinore is a first-year model of Honda’s first serious dirt bike. It’s historically significant as it was the first serious dirt bike to come straight from an OEM – other bikes required serious modifications from the factory floor.

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2004 Honda Dream 50R

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Post-Sale Update: This Honda Dream 50R sold for a Best Offer at $4,250. The Honda Dream 50R, in addition to being the ultimate 50cc cafe racer, was a limited edition model released to commemorate Honda’s early racing history. Unfortunately, it’s not road legal – but it’s probably one of the prettiest production motorcycles to ever roll off the line.

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1986 Suzuki GSXR 750 Limited Edition

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Post-Sale Update: After 8 bids on eBay, this Suzuki GSXR 750 Limited Edition did not meet reserve at $9,100. The Suzuki GSXR 750 Limited Edition was an absolute legend in the world of 80’s sportsbikes – a bike that deserved the 50% increase in MSRP over the regular GSXR 750. The dry clutch upgrade was a $2,000 option in itself!

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The Original Superbike – 1950 Vincent Black Shadow

In England, Sport by Abhi1 Comment

Post-Sale Update: After 30 bids, this Vincent Black Shadow sold on eBay for an incredible $87,674! The Vincent Black Shadow needs no introduction for motorcycle fans. For many, the essence of this bike is tied to a single photograph – Rollie Free breaking the American motorcycle land speed record in 1948 on the Bonneville Salt Flats:

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63 Years, 168 Miles – 1950 Matchless G9

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Post Sale Update: After 4 bids on eBay, this Matchless G9 did not meet reserve at $10,101 The Matchless G9, almost identical to the AJS Model 20, were built produced for 10 years starting in 1948, and represent Associated Motorcycles’ attempt to produce the heavyweight parallel twins that seemed to be coming out of every British motorcycle company during the …

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The Original Turbo – 1978 Kawasaki Z1RTC

In Japan, Sport by Abhi1 Comment

Post Sale Update: This Kawasaki Z1RTC sold for $10,500 on eBay. “Oh my God.” – Every Bike-urious staffer when they saw this beauty come up for sale. The Kawasaki Z1RTC has the distinction of being the ‘first’ of many things. Most importantly, it was the first turbocharged bike released into the market, kicking off the 80’s turbo bike push which …

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1972 CZ 400 – Model 981

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Post Sale Update: This bike sold on eBay for the Buy-It-Now price of $3,450. The CZ 400, also known as the Model 981, was the best open motocrosser to ever come out of the country of Czechoslovakia. Though on the heavy side, this bike was extremely reliable, with well blue-printed engines. These bikes could be difficult to ride, as power …

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1960 Velocette Viper

In England, Standard by Abhi3 Comments

The Velocette Viper was the little brother of the Velocette line, and the focus of our first international feature! Though it was never as popular as the Venom or Thruxton models, the 350cc-powered Viper still stayed in production for nearly 15 years.

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1973 Yamaha RD350

In Japan, Sport by Abhi2 Comments

Post Sale Update: After being relisted, this Yamaha RD350 sold for $2,495. The Yamaha RD350 was an instant classic once introduced by Yamaha in 1973. An evolution of the R5, it featured the reliable two-stroke reed-valve 350cc parallel twin, which was capable of consistently dusting bikes with 750cc engines. This bike, simply put, was an overachiever.

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1979 Yamaha XT500

In Dual-Sport, Japan by Abhi0 Comments

The Yamaha XT500 was the original Yamaha thumper, and an instant sales success. This enduro bike was produced for 15 years, eventually leading to an entire range of “XT” bikes of avarying displacements and cementing Yamaha’s reputation as a quality dual sport maker in the American and European markets.

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1995 MZ Silver Star

In Germany, Standard by Abhi2 Comments

Post Sale Update: Not much of an update, as there were no bids on this MZ Silver Star. The MZ Silver Star is an interesting and very rare “classic” styled bike with a single cylinder, four stroke, 494cc engine. This thumper produces 34 horsepower, which isn’t a large amount – but it’s only carrying around 322 pounds of bike.

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1999 Confederate Hellcat

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Post Sale Update: Despite attracting 17 bids, this Confederate Hellcat did not meet reserve on eBay at $12,900. The Confederate Hellcat was the primary motorcycle of Confederate Motors, which has evolved into a high-end luxury motorcycle manufacturer. Only 500 Hellcats were built from 1996 to 2001 – at what point CM went bankrupt. After a turbulent next few years, Confederate …

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1988 BMW K100RS SE

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Post-Sale Update: This BMW K100RS SE did not meet reserve at $4,250. The BMW K100RS SE, or Special Edition, was a limited run of the K100RS that featured a lovely blue and white paint job, hand drawn pin stripes, and color-matched hard luggage. It’s also famous for being the motorcycle that introduced ABS to the market.