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2003 BMW F650CS

In Germany, Standard by Abhi0 Comments

The BMW F650CS, also known as the Scarver (a blend of Street and Carver), was one of the weirdest bikes BMW ever made – and that’s saying a lot. Superficially, it made perfect sense – medium displacement, high mpg street bike aimed at commuters with a low maintenance belt drive. Weird looks combined with the fact that a F650GS could …

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1983 Honda CX650 Turbo

In Japan, Sport by Abhi2 Comments

In the 80s, Japanese manufacturers started to throw turbos onto a lot of their bikes as they saw it as the future of motorcycling. Kawi, Yamaha, and Honda all had turbo options, though the Honda CX650 Turbo was arguably the best. For varying reasons, the market never panned out, and so only 1,200 were ever imported into the US and …

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2001 Honda NSR 150 – Repsol

In Japan, Small Displacement by Abhi0 Comments

9-27 Update: 5 months later, this Honda NSR 150 has now turned up on eBay, with just a few more miles and, most importantly, a New York Title! Not bad. Find it here with bidding at $3,150 and the reserve not yet met in Newport News, Virginia. Let’s see how much the price has shot up now that this bike …

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Ghost Rider Buell

In America, Standard by Abhi3 Comments

Hard to describe this one, so you’ll just have to see it for yourself! What we have here is a heavily modified Buell created for the Nicolas Cage movie ‘Ghost Rider’. Originally released to the public as part of a Sony/Sobe giveaway, the bike has now found a home in SLC. Modifications are numerous, as is evident from the photo. …

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1975 Kawasaki H1 500

In Japan, Sport by Abhi0 Comments

Known as the ‘Widowmaker’, the Kawasaki H1 series were a range of triples famous for being incredibly quick and terrible to handle. The Kawasaki H1 500 was the mid-size model, and was easily the fastest 500cc bike around. By keeping everything cheap, Kawi was able to market this bike to young gentlemen who wanted the fastest bike possible for less …

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2002 Ural Bavarian Classic

In 3 Wheels, Russia by Abhi0 Comments

Post-Sale Update:  This bike has sold at the asking price of $7,000. After World War II, the Russians basically looted a BMW assembly line and installed it in their home country. They’ve been making unsanctioned replicas under the Ural name ever since. The Ural Bavarian Classic (or BC) at least pays homage to that fact in name. Those of you …

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2005 Honda Rune

In Cruiser, Japan by Abhi0 Comments

The Honda Rune made a huge splash back in 2004, as Honda brought to market a bike that no one believed would ever make it past concept. Just look at it! The motorcycle community was stunned to see something like this coming from Honda, of all manufacturers, due to stereotypes of conservative design, but you’d be hard-pressed to have found …

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CHP – 1980 Kawasaki KZ1000 Police

In Cruiser, Japan by Abhi0 Comments

You might not look like Erik Estrada, but this bike might make you feel like him. You’ll probably remember this bike from the TV show CHiP’s, but this bike was already well known as the one of the two most common police bikes in the country at the time. Officers often differed on their preference between the Kawasaki KZ1000 Police …

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2007 Benelli TNT Cafe Racer

In Cafe Racer, Italy by Abhi0 Comments

We go from old Benelli’s to new ones… In the 80s, Benelli was merged to become part of Moto Guzzi, and it was pretty much shut down. In the mid 90s, however, Andrea Merloni brought Benelli back and they came back with a vengeance, with very distinctive looking bikes. By the designs, you would never be able to tell that …

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1965 Benelli 200 Sprite

In Italy, Small Displacement by Abhi0 Comments

Sold for a whopping $629 when new, the little Benelli 200 Sprite was not very popular, and as such, you don’t see much information about them nowadays. With that said, they were to be the Italian answer to Honda. This 200cc was one of the larger engines Benelli made in the 60s, and featured refinements like “extra heavy cables”. That’s …

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1974 Norton Commando Interstate

In England, Standard by Abhi0 Comments

The Norton Commando was one of the most popular motorcycles ever made. For 5 straight years it was “Machine of the Year” in the UK, and even Norton themselves were surprised as the success as the engine was a pre-unit design. The Norton was well-known for rubber engine mounts (deemed an “isolastic” systems) that tremendously cut down vibrations. This is …

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1988 Ducati 750 F1

In Italy, Sport by Abhi0 Comments

I’ll open by saying I try to avoid listing bikes currently available at dealers, but this is an exception worth sharing. One of the most stunning creations of its time, the Ducati 750 F1 remains one of the most highly sought after bikes in Ducati history. So while you’ll have to pay the dealer premium to get your hands on …

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1994 BMW R100GS

In Dual-Sport, Germany by Abhi0 Comments

BMW pioneered the ‘adventure-bike’ market back in the 80s with the R80GS. Several years later, BMW released the R100GS as an update to their trailblazing bike. Here we have one of the later R100GS models, a 1994, in the popular “Bumblebee” paint scheme – though it is missing the delightfully 80s-styled decals. Many riders consider this to be the best …

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2004 Kawasaki ZRX1200R

In Japan, Standard by Abhi0 Comments

Built as a tribute to the KZ1000 piloted by Eddie Lawson while winning the 1981 and 1982 AMA Superbike titles, the ZRX series has always been a muscle-car version of the UJM. This particular Kawasaki ZRX1200Rcomes well-equipped with modifications to make this ZRX an excellent sports-tourer, including a Corbin seat, Throttle Meister, bar risers, and +1 gearing on the countershaft …

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1989 Honda NX125

In Dual-Sport, Japan by Abhi0 Comments

The Honda NX125 was the smallest of the NX’s, which were only imported for a few years. The combination of XR-roots with a slightly more street friendly composition made it an excellent all-rounder. Offered in the states in 125, 250, and 650cc versions, the NX650 was by far the most popular in the US. Despite the knobbies and the general …