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4 Seater – 1938 Bohmerland Lang Touren

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Post-Listing Update: Thought it was relisted, this Bohmerland did not get any action at $79,000. I’m the first one to admit I do not know enough about this bike, but just look at it! Bohmerland was a Czechoslovakian firm that built bikes between ’24 and ’39, so this would be one of the last ones they built. All of their …

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1974 Kawasaki H1R Replica

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A 500cc race bike built to compete in Grand Prix racing (the predecessor to MotoGP), the Kawasaki H1R was based on the H1 and was powered by a two-stroke inline triple. The bike debuted in the 1970 season where Kawi took second in the Constructors Championship. Here we’ve got a replica that was acquired from a private collection and the …

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Video Intermission – Ashley Fiolek

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Think about every time you go riding and how you know it’s time to shift without looking at the tachometer because you can hear it. When you really know you’re bike, it’s the easiest way to ride. Hell, I put a Laser Hotcam on my K1200R just because I love the way it sounds. Now imagine you have to ride …

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2008 Ducati Monster S4RS Tricolore

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At the time of its release in 2008, the S4RS Tricolore was the ultimate expression of the Monster. Just 400 were produced in the beautiful “Three Color” scheme, and only 250 made it to the US. The S4RS was already special as it got the 998cc superbike L-Twin that put out 130 horsepower, fully-adjustable Ohlins suspension, Termignoni exhaust, and more. …

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1975 Honda TL125

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Most people don’t know this, but Honda built a trials bike straight from the factory (that didn’t have Montesa’s name on it). Built to tackle obstacles at the lowest of speeds, this air-cooled 4 stroker is truly piece of history for those few people who love trials bikes. It has slight patina which shows its age, but the bike is …

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1977 Rickman Kawasaki Z1

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Post-Listing Update: Despite 25 bids on eBay up to $8,600, this Rickman Kawasaki Z1 did not meet reserve. Rickman made kits for the Kawasaki Z1 (also known as the Z900) Super Four, which was the most powerful Japanese 4-cylinder 4-stroke ever built, at the time. 82 horsepower yielded a top speed of 130 miles per hour, but companies like Rickman …

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1991 Honda Cub EZ90

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Designed to make motorcycles more friendly, the Honda EZ90 hid all of its mechanicals inside the futuristic plastic bodywork, and it even offered an electric start, in addition to the kicker. Powered by an oil injected, 2-stroke 90cc engine, this scoot was faster than you’d expect. No clutch is required for the ‘automatic’ transmission. The swingarm functioned as the rear …

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1979 Honda Gold Wing GL1000

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This excellent example of the first generation Honda Gold Wing (VIN: gl14112748) has just 18,000 miles and looks great in my favorite color scheme for these bikes: black and gold. (Cue the Sam Sparro song) It has a recent service with plenty of work, and it comes with a Vetter fairing and Corbin seat. Personally, I’d run this bike with …

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1973 Triumph Trident 750 T150V

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In the early 60s, twins ruled the world. Triumph saw an opportunity for a 750cc triple that would have been a world-beater. However, the British firm couldn’t get the bike out until ’68, at which point Honda was just months away from releasing the instant classic CB750. Here’s a well maintained example of the Trident (which is a great name …

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1988 Honda NX650 Dominator

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I’m a big fan of the Honda NX650, known as the Dominator in certain non-US markets. In fact, I bought myself a beater example of the breed to learn how to ride in the dirt with, and it was the first bike that I sold through this site (feels like so long ago).

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Failed Resto – 1961 Matchless G12

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This Matchless G12 has just 159 miles after a beautiful restoration, however it has “developed an engine noise”. So for someone who’s comfortable working on these engines, you may get yourself an excellent deal on a beautiful classic British bike. And once you fix it, you’ll get yourself 35 horsepower to push around less than 400 pounds of bike. The …

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1of 250 – 1999 Triumph Daytona 1200 SE

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In the early 90s, most major motorcycle manufacturers entered a gentlemen’s agreement to cap horsepower at 125. Triumph decided that when they were going to bring the bikes back from the new plant in Hinckley, that the best way for them to get attention was to ignore said agreement. Enter the 147 horsepower Triumph Daytona 1200. A year after the …

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1930 Indian Aristocrat Model 402

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One of the best looking inline-4’s of all time, the Indian Model 402 was known as the “Aristocrat” due to its high level of sophistication at a time where most motorcycle buyers were looking for the cheapest options. Priced at a whopping $485 at the time, it is now a true collectible.