Paper Craft – Suzuki GS750 Model

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A friend recently reached out to me with a fascinating piece of Japanese paper craft that I think you might be interested in. Approximately 15-20 years ago he was considering selling these though he eventually decided against it, he still has this sample of a Suzuki GS750. He (and I) can’t find anything about it online – have you seen one of these before? Do you know anything about it?

The image itself is 8″ x 10″ and it’s double matted in a frame of approximately 13″ x 15″. The impressive art is created by layering hundreds of individual pieces of paper, and it must have required a significant time commitment to create. If you’ve got good eyes, you might be able to see that the artist (who has signed this piece) is named Yoshinobu Ishida. Beyond that, I don’t really have additional information, but I would love to know more if someone out there has any ideas. Bonus points if you can read Japanese and know what this means:

If you’ve got a GS750 and are interested in this rare piece of art, my friend is willing to sell it if you both can figure out what it’s worth!

Otherwise, if the idea of paper craft intrigues you then I hope you know about Yamaha’s program where they offer 3D paper models for you to print out and build yourself! There’s individual examples like the V-MAX/R1/SR400 or “Ultra Realistic” models like the FZ-10/MT-01:

Beyond that, there’s bigger scenes of GP racing or rally racing

…and even pop-up greeting cards! Go nuts.

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